J Authority

J authority. Jesus’, Judgment, Jehovah …

From infancy I was taught that God is conscious: truthfully conscious. His authority is innate. He didn’t earn it, we didn’t give it to him. We are not competent to give any such thing to God or to any-body or to any-thing. God made us in his image, but our consciousness is imperfect: grotesquely imperfect.

So how come we live under a secular government? How come when God “gives” us things — like Canaan — he doesn’t also give us a clear written, stamped, official title? How come owners don’t have all the proper paperwork?

How come the two-, three-thousand year old Bible trumps what God told me yesterday? How can it be that the secular government is in charge of what the Bible says? of what I say? of what the God says?
the court has my affidavit; when does the court show that it, the court, has God’s affidavit?

When it it God’s turn to speak? Why are we talking at all when God hasn’t spoken yet?

When I was arrested, and told the truth, why to this day hasn’t the court validated that truth? How come the kleptocrats get the first, the middle, the last and only word?

Is it really possible that governments are so confident In their atheism that they don’t see that God’s turn will ever come? When God introduces Jesus as his legitimate message bearer, and Ivan Illich and me, as his, Jesus’, legitimate assistants, how come that isn’t written into the old, old utterly corrupt bible?
If Jesus preaches and we torture and murder him without keeping accurate records about him (or anything), does that prove that he had nothing to say?
Has secular authority refuted testimony that it censors?
If we want to know what Jesus said, or Illich, or pk, but all we get is what that other Paul, Saint Paul, said, have we been cheated?
Has God been defrauded?

If I did before anyone has understood the messages I’ve tried to pass on, is God’s change passed? missed? Or did we never want to allow Gpd’s change in the first place?

Before anyone believes anything in or out of the Bible shouldn’t we first demonstrate that we’re capable of accurate reporting?

first draft, and damn I’ve lost text: i’ll edit: question comning up: what if there is no God? and no god either? And: are children responsible for the lies society tells them? Well, put it this way: they pay the price!

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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