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2018 09 09 Serena was so far from serene last night there should be a movement pressuring her to change her name: maybe to Stormy. Think of the baggage that would drag along! But it’s more the officials’ fault (note that plural) than Serena’s. (Or even Trump’s.)

There should be a fine; but the fine should be assessed to veteran tennis trouble-maker Ilie Năstase. And when Nasty goes broke, the balance of fines should be assessed to Jimmy Connors, America’s first big bad boy.
Mac actually may have been the worst: but he’s atoned more than a little by his appeal as a commentator. Maybe we should confiscate some of Johonny Mac’s treasure to hold in reserve.

Tennis organizations have toleratefd brattish behavior for so long I don’t actually know where blame should be placed: who or what should be held accountqable. Maybe civilization itself. Oh, hell, have an all-out war. (But first entice Duchess Meg into the royal box, and keep her there: for the public’s enjoyment: and her sister-in-law too.)

But remember to reserve copious quantities of Nasty’s funds to sponsor an apology to Naomi Osaka.

Serena’s looks have been spectacular since she first walked onto a court for a sponsored tournament. When Serena was sixteen I remember predicting that she would become #1 while still very young, but that by age thirty she would be fat and disgusting. Boy, was I wrong! But note that I’ve rooted for Serena like crazy ever since: up until this final of this open.
Maybe the rest is all debatable. Regardless, Naomi Osaka is cute as the devil.
I love her dark skin, like saddle leather! maybe she’s twin to Rafa Nadal!

Never mind Năstase, who remembers who he is anyway? (he was a spoiled brat tennis star, acting out his contempt for the rulers of, the buyers and sellers of, spectator sport.) Here’s what tennis should do. #1: review all rules: throw out the senseless ones. Apologize to the public for the senseless ones. Then before each match, announce that remaining rules will be enforced! Break a rule a second time and you’re out of the tounrament. Third time? Banned for life.
Explain to the public that misbehaviouyr on their part will not be tolerated either.

Oh, and pay John McEnroe $50M/yr to report and explain these changes: as obnoxious as he was as a player, he’s a great commentator.
Oh, and hold part of John’s remuneration in escrow so that there will always be plenty of money when Connors is broke and gone.

Ah, but then if organized tennis is allowed to hold penalty money, and invest it at interest, then tennis could sponsor refomrs in baseball, football, soccer …

2018 09 11 The web has been replete with reactions to Serena’s tirades. She has more than a few defenders. Yes, the men have long gotten away with misbehavior: that’s why I mention Nasty and Jimmy above. But don’t be bullied: ponder this: is 2-6, 3-5 the time or place to hurl accusations? Finish the match, all glory to Osaka (unless Serena turns her game around on the court), have a meal, get some rest, and then challenge organized tennis for its many shortcomings.

(I had a chess oponent the Miami FDC who would announce he had to make a phone call as I achieved mate-in-three againts him. No, no, he defaulteds as soon as he left the table. DSQ, loser.

2018 09 12 Still seething. My emotions get worse and worse the more I reflect. Just now I’m picturing how Serena tried to run the coverage at the awards ceremony. No: you lost: shut up and sit down, until you’re invited to say a word. Then say one word, and shut up, and sit down. By all means, take a stand against evil: evil such as slavery; but not in the bottom of the ninth of game seven of a world series. Serena tried to change the subject: make sure she fails: then bring up all proper subjects.

2018 09 15 Still seething!
Serena wined that she’d never cheated in her life. But she was cheating right then and ther. And we were cheting right along with her by permitting it, participating in it. Once again: Serena was bitching while the match was still under way. or it was supposed to be under way. Osaka was winning; Serena changed the subject.
You wanna discuss sexism in tennis. Good, but start before the tournament, wait till after the tourament. Don’t steal the wind from Osaka’s rightfully earned victory.
Tennis should never recover from these abuse of commercial sport.l
Serena told Naomi that the public wasn’t booing against her; maybe; they were right to boo; they should have been booing against Serena, the thief.

Ah. A couple ofhour later the NYUT publishes tennis fine states at grand slam tournaments. Statistics sure can clear the air, if the public has a shred of honesty: male fines outnumber fines to females.
Report: Men penalized significantly more than women in tennis

Goody. Now Serena can apologize to Ramos: and to you, and to me.
Now what I would like to see would be an epidemic of fines levied on bandwagon journalists.

Serena got disqualified once for ugly complaints about foot faulting. I remember an indient in Madison Sqare Garden: Rod Lave had a foot fault called on him. He said, “How many of those have you called, ref?” And the whole audience laughed. The joke was on unevenofficiating: not the accuracy of the call; the typicality of the call! Also present that night: Roy Amerson, Ken Rosewall … Laver of course, maybe Newq.

Serena threatens Ramos that he’ll never work one of her matches ever again. Now can Serena explain how she comnes to be in charge of official selection? Serena has great power in tennis, unprecedanted among women players still active. But who’s appointed her dictator? Stalin, Napoleon appoint themselves.

Senator Fed
2018 09 19 Yesterday a tennis commentator painhted Serena’s sore loser behavior as a sad missed opportunity: she could have riden off into a peach colored suset, exuding dignity with every hoof step. I just read an article in which Federer, who didn’t make the final rounds this year but was never far out of mind. He was saying that Joker though playing well still has a gear or two to add. Fed is not saying Me! Me! Me! I’ll tell you, I’ll be extolling Fed as long as I live: even if Joke of Rafa climb closer to the unique all time notch. A month ago, ten years ago, I would have welcomed a visio9n of Secator Serena enthroned by Senator Fed, dispersing precious wisdom. Now I don’t want to see her at all, no matter what she does.
I hope that changes. She gave us some unforgetable decades of greatness. As far as icon status is conscerned, she was icon ready the first time she strode onto a count, looking like a linebacker.

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