Faith in Fairytales

Rape Report: Already Raped.

Why didn’t the girl report the rape to the police?
“No thanks”, she says, “I’ve already been raped”.

To put it less sarcastically: Same reason the slave girl didn’t report the boss’s rape to the boss.

Once upon a time slaves were without power. Women were also without power. (And so too most men: in a patriarchy, that is.)

Now slavery has re-masked itself. Some women have some power. … Jeez, but now it’s a daughter of a popular president (and his popular first lady) getting dismissed: while the president tweets he’s “sure” that had the rape been as bad as claimed (by the claimed victim then a police report “would have” been submitted!
We voted for him! Morons are our choice. The cops too had been encouraged to be brutes.

Take a knee.

I typed the above sarcasm about already being raped a couple-and-a-half decades ago, launching a notebook on rape and posting it at I was remembering the report of a girl who came to my wife after she’d reported being rape to the police. The rapist was one guy; the police were a whole department: appologist of violence. They treated her with contempt. Was she sure she hadn’t made it up? Wasn’t she exaggerating? Surely she’d asked for it, surely she’d dressed provocatively. …
Speaking of sarcasm, Bertold Brecht lets kleptocratic monopolies have it with both barrels: the woman complains of rape: the judge demands private inspection of the goods: in his private office: then finds the woman guilty of raping the schmo. (Which play was that? The Caucasian Chalk Circle?)
Don’t complain to Brecht: great poet, great playwright; but a Stalin in politics: Boo.

(Of course there’s something to those sexists reflexes: females are attractive: their attractiveness goes beyond their power over its degree.

Is it possible for in-equal hierarchies such as civilization empowers to have fair justice? Is honesty a possible ingredient in human groups larger than two hundred? Are the masters competent to receive complaints from the slaves? When priests are judge and jury over themselves shouldn’t God get in a last word? Especially when the victims can be tortured by the priests in question.

I note that my wife’s rape victim-friend didn’t report to me. I was running the the Free Learning Exchange. The public was invited to back me in establishing data bases by and about the public. With FLEX this rape victim, accepting her word as true, could have told the whole neighborhood, the whole words, her story: could have elaborated on it. The rapist could have come forward, given his perspective. The neighbors could have chimed in.

But no. The raped woman sought the coucil of feminists who’d just ignored FLEX, bypassed it. Well, who ever said we were smart?
No one who didn’t support FLEX has a right to complain: should the Romans complain that Jesus was murdered?

Oh well, that was all fifty, sixty years ago. One part I love is that we learned next to nothing from it: today’s journalists kept uneven tabs on yesterday’s journals.

FLEX was this anarchist’s solution to civilization: aid the public in creating its own press: a library of maps of itself. Rebuild media from the ground up. No, we prefer to assign teachers, to dictate propaganda. We establish the fairytales we want believed, then we believe them: keep few honest records.

Guilty UntIl Proved Innocent
We Americans are so proud of our innocent until proved guilty saw. I insist that there should be two classes in opposition there: citizens should be assumed innocent; officials shold be assumed guilty!

Church-goers should be reminded that our courtroom saws are actively anti-Christian: innocent until proved guilty is the opposite of Christian epistemology.

PS a couple of decades ago an earlier Republican team slipped an accused rapist into the SCUS. He’s still there. And additional complaints against Thomas were swept under the rug: just as a second accuser is coming forward now: 2018 09 24, against Trump’s choice.

Mock the Traumatized
2018 10 08 Look how Kavanaugh’s accuser is being mocked not just by Trump but women you’d swear were feminists just yesterday. Can’t trust men? can’t trust women either.

Where’s God in all this? Never mind God: the question should always (and only) be, what’s true?

My low vision makes writing and posting a punishment. I do less and less. I do it less well.

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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