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Palming the Theo
2019 01 20 Belief in magic, or at least hope that magic sometimes works, works in one’s favor, is no doubt older than theology, certainly older than monotheism. Bt we learn things backwards: I was taught about an all powerful creator god long before I encountered discussable ideas about humans controling magic. Now I look at religions and see ovewealming evidence of religious bending over backwards tocontrol the creator god: and other gods. We want the god so that we can control the god. We want the god so that we can control the universe.

Patriot Politicsd
2019 01 21 A high school basketball team withdrew from a tournament when a flag of Donald Truno was displayed at the gym. “coach Michael Walker, who posted a picture of the crowd on Facebook, questioning what place the flag had at the game.” The other day my best friend was commenting that she saw no one take a knee during the anthrm at some event. Here’s a coach who didn’t see a connection between politicians running for reelection and patriots timposing patriotism on sports audiences. I have strong opinions on the matter. I see nationans having no business imposing patriotism on sports. I understand why anthems are sung at military maneuvers; I do not see any place for nationalistic fervor at football, beseball, or basketball games. My girl sees a connection;’ I do not. I re3sist, I oppose such associatiomns.

Sports Misc
2019 01 20 I regularly glance at NBA stats. I’m long used to Golden State ranking first in field goal percentages league-wide. I’m well used to the Warriors being way up there in 3 pont percentages: certainly in the top ten %: we routinely do well in game totlas: top !%m certaubkt tio 19%, And we’re star rebounders. Offense links to defense in all of those respects. we’re regularly high in rebounds: say 9th in the league. But today even I am stunned. We’re first in fg percentage, second in 3s, first in scoring by game, and 9th in rebounds.

Has there ever een such a state line?

Famous Fictions
2019 01 11 Last night I watched King Kong, the present version, with Naomi Watts. I thought throughout of Fay Wray, immortal from the 1933 version. Who could ever forget her tits showing through her dewy dress on Skull Island? That was from before Hollywood became a hypocrite virgin. Jessica Langa was damn beautiful in the 1972 version, but she wasn’t yet a great actress: she needed a bit of time for that. But Fay Wray? she’s the definition of Hollywood sexy.
Except that Naomi Watts is a blond master. God, we love her.
I love her.
Funny: entertaining Kong in his aery, Watts juggles! Just the other night I watched Trumbo: and Diane Lane juggles! She juggles several glasses full of ice water, the first such glass launching from the top of her head! Wow. Show biz families.
But Diane Lane is beautiful no matter what she does.

Veggie Mom
2019 01 11 A woman in a coma for years has given birth, a still birth, in a hospital. Now, cherchez l’homme. How could a guy rape a veggie? Easy. When I was in the army in the early 1960s, one of my best buddies, a fellow draftee, was released early for a family emergency: his dad made a very good living running a “school” in Yorktown Heights for people with IQs indistinguishable from a vegetable. His pa had been found in the box with one of his “students”: a box that served as bed, bath, toilet … How could he? He got into the box with her, that’s how.

Dr. DoLittle, Murder by Meds
2019 01 03 Some doctor abuses her position in a hospital to murder Jews. It’s refreshing to see antisemitism from some source other than RC or WASP. Here the ancient hatred (in Yeats’ immortal phrase) is Muslim: Palestinian: some damn thing. Notice the complicity of all klleptocrats in arming authority to participate in genocide.

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