2019 02 February

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2019 02 07 Loving Emilia Clarke is inevitable, the whole world precedes me in this attraction. My own admiration here is handicapped by first noticing her in the role of Sarah Connor. That’s Linda Hamilton’s role: how dare another actress, however beautiful, so much as camp there. Nevertheless I did: and was smitten. And then I saw her bleached and blond as she mounts her barbarian mountain of a husband in Game of Thrones.
So I rent Me Before You. She’s mesmerizing. Her face is so attractive she’s almost grotesque. Her character is so low class we could howl, her clothes are rediculous. More comments coming: but meantime, she’s here, overwhelmingly.

Palming the Theo
2019 01 20 Belief in magic, or at least hope that magic sometimes works, works in one’s favor, is no doubt older than theology, certainly older than monotheism. But we learn things backwards: I was taught about an all-powerful creator god long before I encountered discussable ideas about humans controlling magic. Now I look at religions and see ovewealming evidence of religious bending over backwards to control the creator god: and other gods. We want the god so that we can control the god. We want the god so that our magic can work, so that we can control the universe.
We want our control to be invisible to our victims, we want to palm our magic onto the god.

Kleptocrats are incapable of seeing that
kleptocrats are incapable of seeing that
kleptocrats are kleptocrats:
and that kleptocrats are incapable of seeing.

Prepare the Knife
2019 01 31 Here’s a story from when I was writing my first novel, early 19802: . I thought of By the Hair of the Comet when I was driving on I95, near St Augustine. I shared my idea with my new girlfriend, Jeano, on Hilton Head Island. She was very enthusiastic and declared that she would love to take care of me while I wrote it. She was wealthy, she could certainly afford such care. I’m cheap maintain, but far from low maintenance. I took the offer as a compliment, but otherwise ignored it. Ditto when she repeaterd the offer. When she repeated the offer a third time, visiting me in Long Beach that winter, 1982 or so, I accepted. My business was going down the toilet, I was behind in my rent, I couldn’t focus on practicalities; writing By the Hair of the Comet was reallyt all I want to do: other thatn make love to Jeano: who, at the time, was the oldest still employed model: that’s her in the Doanes Pills ads in the magazines. Jeano and I moved my stuff to a warehouse on Long Island. She told me he’d rent me an office on Hilton Head Island. I settled in with her, sharing her motor home in a marina. I plugged my typewriter into an outlet by the front passenger seat to wait for my office to materialize. Christmas was coming. Jeano wanted us to visit her daughter in New Jersey for the holidays. Great. I set up in the daughter’s basement (where her young son gave me not a moment’s privacy. Nevertheless, I blocked out the main charcters, outlined the plot, and so forth.

Trouble was brewing. It arrived at a holiday meal. The women roasted the turkey. We sat at table. Jeano asked me to carve tre bird. I saw that the knife was dull as dull. No, I replied, notwitout time to prepare the knife. You’ve given yourself all day to roast the entre; I need time to prepare the knife: if I’m goi8ng to associated with the quality of the meat. I need the whet stone, the oil, the knife. So, the dauther’s boy friend carved: badly. Carving was there a sabotaged art.
My work place never developed. I asked fsor a word processor, didn’t get one. Hilton HGead was a disacter, we had a severe frost. The Pipes burst. She drove north for repairs; I fled to Florida; homeless, my business in mothballs. Ah, but I had my typewriter!

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