2019 September

I’m loving the movie When Nietzsche Wept, in particular the women: Lou , Bertha …I went mad for Nietzsche in college. I spent much of 1957, 1958 reading Beyond Good and Evil, Thus Spake Zarathustra … I wrote Zarathustra dreams. Did anyone understand what I said? Did anyone not understand it? Did I understandit?

2019 04 08
Wrecking Natalie Portman’s Black Swan
So now it comes out: not only did the superb Natalie Portmen receive intense ballet training for her role in the Black Swan, but the really tricky parts were danced by a dancer; not an actress, model, celebreity. The filmmakers edited Natalie’s face. I have some porn on my hard drive where we get Emma Stone’s priceless face and some other beautiful woman’s open vulva. Ooo, nice, but not Emma Stone.
Thing is, the just mentioned model didn’t get a cunt credit: they just used her pussy, paid her presumably, and on to the next dollar.

For some months now I’ve been loving meeting the studion musicians behand LA studios: the Beach Boys, the Association … Brian Wilson wrote the song, wrote the harmonies: his Beach Boys could sing their parts within a few days rehearsal, but no way could they perform the instrumentals without having their amateurishness expose them. No problem: let the Wrecking Crew sight read the insrumentals. Brian Wilson could have another hit in a couple of days time, no reason to wait six months for the actal band. The Wrecking Crew got paid: their scale, maybe some over time. They got paid, they went homge, everbody was happy; except for Beach Boys fans when the stories came out. So the stories didn’t come out!

And neigher did Natalie Portman’s Hollywood professionalism. Of course you use a pro do do the hard parts: Portman is the model, the actress, the great star; why should she have to do the dancing too? I dont mind. What I mind is the standard dishonnesty regarding how it was actually done. Hollywood took shortcuts, they’d be idiots not to. and then they’d be idiots to be quite truthful about it.

Ah, but is the cat now out of the bag? Frank Sinatra used the Wrecking Crew: no apologies to anybody.

Where does it end? Buster Keaton did his own stunts: as did Charlie Chaplan: WC Fields. In each case there was no one better. never had been. Never.

Did JS Bach use a ringer on the organ? No, no: say it ain’t so.

But I’ll say further: JS Bach was the ringer! Nowbody played organ better than Bach.

You know the truh doesn’t mater in these matters: here’s were it dies naturally: is that God up there? How can we tell? except by looking, listening, watching, thinking.

Master Tiger, 2019
Welcome back, Master!
I remember when Jack Nicklaus won a multiple Masters in his 40s. Wow. Really wow. But then along came Tiger. And it’s right in the middle of Steph Curry being amazing; and Roger Federer! And who knows what else: Chinese twinkie winks.

Back a ways Tiger and Mrs. brought champagne to a major tennis event, sat in a front box, and cheered the other old man genius. Brovo. It was a little gimmicy. but time proves they wouldn’t have been wrong to keep it up.
Who’s the most amazing of all these guyes? Roger!


2019 08 07 Time is passing, my vision deteriorates: I can only sometimes see some of my typos. Yall should have supported my work when it could have helped.
2019 Aug 15 I no longer remembewr how to search K.: I’ve got to correct an error I made in the post Celebrities I Don’t Know. I’d associated George Carlin with Morningside Heights;; but I’d thought he was from 110 St, around Cathedral Drive. No, apparently he’s from W 121 Street: Riverside Cathedral, not St John’s Cathedral; International House, Grant’s Tomb …

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Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence. If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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