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K.’s Teaching folder was primary; the Personal, or Bio, folder was secondary.


Monthly: scrapbook: formerly reborn each month deactivated due to encroaching blindness: additions, editing nigh impossible. Famous Fictions 2019 01 11 Last night I watched King Kong, the present version, with Naomi Watts. I thought throughout of Fay Wray, immortal from … Continue reading

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Serena MacNasty

/ Sport / 2018 09 09 Serena was so far from serene last night there should be a movement pressuring her to change her name: maybe to Stormy. Think of the baggage that would drag along! But it’s more the … Continue reading

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Monthly Archives

/ Archives / (dated fictitious 1995 date) Exceptionalism 2018 09 13 This noon I found myself dreaming up new words and phrases for such phenomena as American Exceptionalism. We are a society based on genocide masked as charity; intolerance masked … Continue reading

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Music Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Musy / Cycle of Fifths 2018 08 04 YouTube is excellenbt at what my Free Learning Exchange tried to be in 1970 ff: anyone can record a video and “teach” something. Maybe no one will … Continue reading

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Jog Log

/ Personal / Chat / Health 2018 04 16 I walked, jogged, and ran when I was dieting a decade or so ago: 2006ish. I’ve done crunches sporatially since: and walked, and biked; but not jogged or ran since then. … Continue reading

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Vision Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Low Vision Lighthouse 2019 04 06 I was told I had “early-onset macular degeneration” twenty five years ago. My vision loss didn’t bother me appreciably till the lat few years. About a year ago The … Continue reading

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Movie Scrapbook 1

/ Movies / Businesslike Beauty 2017 03 19 Jan and I willl watch Les Damoiselles de Rochefort, Jacques Demi, this evening. I’m really looking forward to it: Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Dorléac, Jean Kelly … Michel LeGrand. I’m reminded of a … Continue reading

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