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K.’s Teaching folder was primary; the Personal, or Bio, folder was secondary.


Monthly: scrapbook: reborn each month (Monthly Note follows below) Rose Up Dead 2017 11 21 Charlie Rose has joined the skewered list. I want to tell an ugly story, I’ll atributre it to Rose, kick him while he’s down. I … Continue reading

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Job Offer

/ Teens / My poor mother threw our father out not because he was a drunk but because of his philandering. Once Mom saw that Dad was not doing what she’d thought he was supposed to do, love and support … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

/ Chat / Seasonal / Happy Easter! I loved Easter as a kid. The forsythia was in bloom! Broke as we were, Mom tried to get us new clothes. I loved the choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus. I was in … Continue reading

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Aging Scrapbook

/ Stories / By Age / ’70s / Traffic I’ve been riding my bike nearly every day for a bit now, three miles, five miles … I’m embarrassed to report a mistake I just made: I was pedalling home through … Continue reading

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Monthly Archives 2

No Shit Sherlock 2017 08 02 I’ve long hated Sherlock Holmes: and the horse he rode in on. Exploring deductive logic was a good idea, once. It was becoming a masturbatory hobby horse by the time Sir Arthur Conan Doyle … Continue reading

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Carousel Cosmology

/ Movies / Immortal Rubbish I love Carousel. I love the songs, the staging, the lyrics. I love Rogers, I love Hammerstein. I also love holding the story in contempt. Carousel (1956) bubbled up on my streaming list last evening, … Continue reading

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Cobble Trip

/ Stories / Kid / Jan just told me a current story of her granddaughter getting her foot caught between the subway train and the subway platform as the train started to pull away. She’s black and blue but still … Continue reading

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