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K.’s Teaching folder was primary; the Personal, or Bio, folder was secondary.

2019 03 March

2019 March There’s a military dispute beween Pakistan and India, first since 1970. I remember the latter very well, couldn’t forget it if I lived another 80 yeares. You see in the late 1960s I wrote a number of short … Continue reading

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Political Promises

2019 02 13 Trump’s Wall Politicians promise things. Trump promised a wall.How many such promises have been kept?>Are there anyt promises we should want kept? Now there’s a church in the way of anyt complete wall. Shouild Trumop have warned … Continue reading

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2019 02 February

Monthly: scrapbook: formerly reborn each month largely deactivated due to encroaching Low vision, macular degeneration: additions, editing difficult to nigh impossible. 2019 02 07 Loving Emilia Clarke is inevitable, the whole world precedes me in this attraction. My own admiration … Continue reading

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2019 01 Jqnuary

2019 01 23 Shoot ‘Em Up A guy shot people in the Sun Bank here in Sebring yesterday. The sheriff says that the killings, the violence, was senseless. Kleptocrats are incapable of seeing the clear sense that violence makes. The … Continue reading

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Serena MacNasty

/ Sport / 2018 09 09 Serena was so far from serene last night there should be a movement pressuring her to change her name: maybe to Stormy. Think of the baggage that would drag along! But it’s more the … Continue reading

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Monthly Archives

/ Archives / (dated fictitious 1995 date) Exceptionalism 2018 09 13 This noon I found myself dreaming up new words and phrases for such phenomena as American Exceptionalism. We are a society based on genocide masked as charity; intolerance masked … Continue reading

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Music Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Musy / Cycle of Fifths 2018 08 04 YouTube is excellenbt at what my Free Learning Exchange tried to be in 1970 ff: anyone can record a video and “teach” something. Maybe no one will … Continue reading

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