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stories where pk is a character

Art Stories / Personal / Stories / Theme / Work 2018 01 30 In 1970 I offered the world an internet. In 1974 my wife kidnapped our son so she could put him in school without discussing it with me: know … Continue reading

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I O Who

Personal / Business / Art Dealer / Business Debts mostly from the 1980s, 2018 01 31 I’m caught in the middle, and aren’t we all? Civilization sabotaged my talents, prevented me from being able to make a living. Civilizations stare … Continue reading

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Aging Scrapbook

/ Stories / By Age / ’70s / Traffic I’ve been riding my bike nearly every day for a bit now, three miles, five miles … I’m embarrassed to report a mistake I just made: I was pedalling home through … Continue reading

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Cobble Trip

/ Stories / Kid / Jan just told me a current story of her granddaughter getting her foot caught between the subway train and the subway platform as the train started to pull away. She’s black and blue but still … Continue reading

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Others’ Stories Scrapbook

/ Stories / Others’ / Sovereign Justice 2016 10 15 I’m paused in the movie Basketball Diaries to tell a story from my father about a friend of his. Credits roll to a disrespectful audio about Catholic education. We’re in … Continue reading

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Miles from Bird

/ Music & Art / I started my jazz collection ten, twelve years old. The guy who owned the record store paid attention to what I bought, offered guidance. My collection swiftly morphed from raw juvenile to quality Creole, from … Continue reading

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Femmes Fatals

/ Music & Art / Billie, Astrud … Billie Holliday is my all-time favorite singer. One micro-second of that voice, that style, that timber, that delivery and tears crowd my eyes. Love will make you drink and gamble Make you … Continue reading

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