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Aging Scrapbook

/ Stories / By Age / ’70s / Traffic I’ve been riding my bike nearly every day for a bit now, three miles, five miles … I’m embarrassed to report a mistake I just made: I was pedalling home through … Continue reading

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Cobble Trip

/ Stories / Kid / Jan just told me a current story of her granddaughter getting her foot caught between the subway train and the subway platform as the train started to pull away. She’s black and blue but still … Continue reading

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Miss Memory

/ Stories … Old / We all have memories. Old people are famous for dwelling in them. All people are notorious for nudging memories in directions that somehow salve the ego. Recently I shared a baseball memory with my beloved … Continue reading

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Classroom Merlin

/ Stories / By Age / College / I remember a Life Magazine article highlighting a chemistry professor at Princeton who dramatized his lectures with balls of fire. He choreographed explosions on his lecture table while he gestured and grimaced: … Continue reading

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College Stories Scrapbook

/ Stories / pk by Age / College / Drunken Virgin 2016 06 16 First a note on virginity: as a youngster I heard my mother advising my sister, eithteen months my elder, to save herself for marriage: it would … Continue reading

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Poison Mushrooms

/ Stories by Age / Multiple Ages / I’ve long loved mushrooms, it seems like “always”. Like most Americans I only knew the mushrooms that one could buy in the store: the mushrooms that one expected in restaurants. I was … Continue reading

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’60s Scrapbook

/ Stories / By Age / Grad School A memory from the mid-1960s just popped into my head: a cute girl invited me to go riding with her on our Yamaha YL1 100cc twins. Picture Reese Witherspoon. Petite, nice package: … Continue reading

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