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Kite Fight

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Stories / by Age / Networking / Yesterday I began watching The Kite Runner. It’s been on my queue for years. Jan read the novel and saw the movie. Now … Continue reading

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Castro’s Cuba

/ College Stories / I entered Columbia in September 1956, Columbia College class of 1960. We had bull sessions in the dorm, classes in Hamilton Hall, maybe Pupin, maybe Havermeyer. Freshman week there were beer parties in a choice of … Continue reading

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Bird Cult

/ Stories / Art Dealer / Sectual Insanity Jazz found me a little before puberty, a trumpet blues blur bent my soul. I avidly crammed myself with what the market to primed to provide. The first part was 100% natural: … Continue reading

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Teleology Suspension

/ College Stories / This is a philosophical, theological, ethical theory post, but I’m putting it among my pk-by-chronology stories. I’ve always been an idea man, I’d been an idea boy. Ideas didn’t become important to me in college, they’d … Continue reading

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Roaring Inquisitor

/ College Stories / 1956, ’57, I’m a freshman, maybe a sophomore. I’m sitting in my CC class, Contemporary Civilization, an academic novelty Columbia was proud of having innovated. The world had moved toward specialization; Columbia prided itself in being … Continue reading

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Tis Interruptus

/ College Stories / Tis is a Balinese word. I get it from Gregory Bateson. It means the moment of peace you feel after an orgasm. Everything, everything, is just right, at least for a moment: you’re neither too hot, … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Encore

/ Stories / By Age / Old / Infinity Failure Yahoo games section offers a daily Sudoku puzzle, new one fresh every midnight. I now see the truth of something I’d previously merely speculated about: I can finish the puzzle, … Continue reading

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