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Serena MacNasty

/ Sport / 2018 09 09 Serena was so far from serene last night there should be a movement pressuring her to change her name: maybe to Stormy. Think of the baggage that would drag along! But it’s more the … Continue reading

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Music Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Musy / Cycle of Fifths 2018 08 04 YouTube is excellenbt at what my Free Learning Exchange tried to be in 1970 ff: anyone can record a video and “teach” something. Maybe no one will … Continue reading

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Vision Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Low Vision Lighthouse 2019 04 06 I was told I had “early-onset macular degeneration” twenty five years ago. My vision loss didn’t bother me appreciably till the lat few years. About a year ago The … Continue reading

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Art Stories / Personal / Stories / Theme / Work 2018 01 30 In 1970 I offered the world an internet. In 1974 my wife kidnapped our son so she could put him in school without discussing it with me: know … Continue reading

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Miles from Bird

/ Music & Art / I started my jazz collection ten, twelve years old. The guy who owned the record store paid attention to what I bought, offered guidance. My collection swiftly morphed from raw juvenile to quality Creole, from … Continue reading

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Femmes Fatals

/ Music & Art / Billie, Astrud … Billie Holliday is my all-time favorite singer. One micro-second of that voice, that style, that timber, that delivery and tears crowd my eyes. Love will make you drink and gamble Make you … Continue reading

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AK78 Assault Dream

/ Stories / Theme / Dreams / Dunder & Blixem And I’m 78, am I not? Hence the rest of the title. I’ve long been mostly comfortable with my nightmares, even as a kid. I had a nightmare the other … Continue reading

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Harlem Jazz

/ Stories / Themes / Music&Art / I wrote about jazz and me among the first things I posted at K., in 1995. This morning I reminded Jan of a couple of stories I’d told her: we were disagreeing over … Continue reading

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Hilary’s Side

/ Stories / Theme / Family / Hilary’s Mom was an economist with the UN. Hilary had four parents: a mother, a father, and the father’s second wife, and the mother’s second husband. They were all economists. The two men … Continue reading

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pk the Procrastinator

/ Stories / Themes / Family / @K. 2008 07 17 Procrastination: working like crazy to avoid the work that’s necessary. When I was a teen I regarded the procrastinations of my slightly elder peers with awe. It seemed to … Continue reading

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