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Monthly: scrapbook: reborn each month (Monthly Note follows below) Patent Falsehoods 2018 06 17 No matter how patent the falsehoods churches teach the children of a congregation, those teachings will have a truth seldom fathomed by that congregation. For example: … Continue reading

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Ethnic Minority

/ Culture / Ethnic Minority 2018 05 18 pk is all German on my father’s side, half German on my mothers. The remaining half on my mother’s side is British: Engish. That’s the proud half: the Scottish side: a half … Continue reading

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Designer Identities

/ Culture / Custom Forensics Everyday now some Yahoo article chases you into a corner, you can’t duck it, can’t get rid of it. This morning there was one on actors chaning their names from Jewish to WASP: Isador Cohen … Continue reading

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Grope Log

/ Society / Survival / Culture / The gal reporter gets groped while on the air: she whaps the guy with her mic! I remember a friend’s mother proudly reporting that she had been groped on a street in Italy, … Continue reading

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Male Man

/ Science / 2018 05 03 Yahoo Headline: What It Means to “Dead-Name” a Transgender Person, and Why You Should Stop What the hell is a transgender person? Is this a question for the man in the street? for … Continue reading

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Stormy Rule Change

/ Teaching / Society / Survival / Culture / 2018 04 30 Bucky Fuller used to say that the world comes without an instruction manual. By the time we figure a rule out, typically the rule has changed. I suspect … Continue reading

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Word on the Wind

/ Teaching / Scholarship / Bible / Stealing from Jesus, Mugging Santa In 1970 God made it clear to me that he wanted me to offer the internet to the public. The internet, registries available to all, the infrastructure voluntary, … Continue reading

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