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Bible Law

Reading Notes / Re: Robert Wright, The Evolution of God Jared Diamond, The World Until Yesterday (I’m reading the former, wow; rereading the latter: also wow, very.) Moses gave the Jews Ten Commandments: laws if you will. Jesus gave us … Continue reading

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Universe as Theater

/ Cosmology … Theology / When I was a kid it seemed to me that the congregation of my church was on the same page as my Sunday School teacher: God would judge us, our sins would be exposed. God … Continue reading

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Monthly: scrapbook: reborn each month (Monthly Note follows below) My President Ho boy, talk about impeaching Trump: for dong what he’s famous for: firing somebody. Talk about impeachment should allow him to rest easy: if we didn’t impeach Nixon then … Continue reading

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Shaman US

/ Reading Notes / Wright, Robert: The Evolution of God (Understand: Shame on US is a domain I registered 27 or so years ago.) People pay the shaman to caste evil spirits from their sick child. People do the same … Continue reading

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Five Spirits

/ Cosmology / Anthropology, Religion / From Robert Wright, Evolution of God Linguist Albert Samuel Gatschet┬ástudied the┬áKlamath language and culture. He identified five types of supernatural spirits. They apparently fill the quorum for gods, etc. Gatschet’s writings on the Klamath … Continue reading

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Resurrection Blues

Cosmology / Religion / God / The gospels tell how on the third day Jesus rose again from the dead. The gospels further tell how Jesus appeared before his disciples. Even seeing his master Thomas doubted: and had to poke … Continue reading

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Truth versus Fact

/ Thinking Tools / Truth A TV viewer emailed an accusation: Texi Thompson, winning the major, had hit her ball from an incorrect position. The officials assessed her four stroked in penalties. Tumple, tumble out of the lead. Back in … Continue reading

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