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I’m reading Don Quixote, as several recent posts attest, loving it, marvelling, seeing applications everywhere. I’ve been at this reading for coming up on sixty years, losing my sight, my hearing, my teeth gone, I’ll finish dying before I’ve finished … Continue reading

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Mute Inglorious Milton

Oxymoron of Personality I remember the teacher introducing us to Gray’s Elegy written in a Country Churchyard way back in high school: junior high, could have been grade school. I feel confident that I was introduced to some of its … Continue reading

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Arts & Entertainment

Trivial Pursuit The Times, Yahoo … lumps art and entertainment into the same bin: do they belong together? Yes, certainly; and No, absolutely. I plan to develop those “answers” at length, in depth, but I post a beacon in the … Continue reading

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The Bible Code

I’m reading Don’t Know Much About the Bible: despite the title: my son gave me a kindle with lots already packed onto it, now I remember him recommending the title. The author, one Kenneth C. Davis, proves to be a … Continue reading

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Book Burning

George Bernard Shaw advised authors to look at their work dispassionately, and: If it isn’t the Bible, throw it in the fire! Meaning: endeavor to write for “God”! to write for Truth! for a positive, a progressive evolution! And if … Continue reading

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Dickens Expectations

My school stories mention a class in graduate school in which the class was complaining about Dickens: attributing to him an overuse of “coincidence” in his novel Martin Chuzzlewit. I’d thought so too, until I actually finished the novel (after … Continue reading

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