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The Passion According to Mel

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / Religion / Christianity / Passion movie / Mission: to crucify euphemism, to indict society’s inability to depict truth I began this module before … Continue reading

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The Bible Code

I’m reading Don’t Know Much About the Bible: despite the title: my son gave me a kindle with lots already packed onto it, now I remember him recommending the title. The author, one Kenneth C. Davis, proves to be a … Continue reading

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AnarChrist! Wow! How come I only just thought of it this morning, hugging my sweetie, too far into pk as long-distance-race-writer to sleep. Few labels fit me, but anarchist suits: to the extent that I don’t believe in government coercion. … Continue reading

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Cry Wolf

K. had a section on Myth in K. / Teaching / Schlarship. I’ll try to recreate everything at pKnatz: but here’s a sentence I just wrote at IonaArc: in relation to the Yellowstone super volcano: The boy(-who-cried-wolf) was mortal anyway; … Continue reading

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