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J Authority

J authority. Jesus’, Judgment, Jehovah … From infancy I was taught that God is conscious: truthfully conscious. His authority is innate. He didn’t earn it, we didn’t give it to him. We are not competent to give any such thing … Continue reading

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Russians’ Trump Pee Tape

/ Teachering / Society / Epistemology / News / 2019 04 13 What’s this? Now we have rumors of tapes floating around of Trump and whores in a Moscow hotel peeing on each other? I lived my life happily without … Continue reading

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Universe as Theater

/ Cosmology … Theology / When I was a kid it seemed to me that the congregation of my church was on the same page as my Sunday School teacher: God would judge us, our sins would be exposed. God … Continue reading

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Five Spirits

/ Cosmology / Anthropology, Religion / From Robert Wright, Evolution of God Linguist Albert Samuel Gatschet studied the Klamath language and culture. He identified five types of supernatural spirits. They apparently fill the quorum for gods, etc. Gatschet’s writings on the Klamath … Continue reading

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Resurrection Blues

Cosmology / Religion / God / The gospels tell how on the third day Jesus rose again from the dead. The gospels further tell how Jesus appeared before his disciples. Even seeing his master Thomas doubted: and had to poke … Continue reading

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O’Hairy Morality / Teaching / Society / Social Epistemology / Cosmology / Religion / I’m loving the biopic I’m watching on Madalyn Murray O’Hair. I wouldn’t spit in your ass if your guts were on fire. Mme Atheist addressing the kidnapper … Continue reading

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Say It Ain’t So

/ Cosmology / The Nazi steals the piano from the Jew. The Jew goes to the death camp, the Nazi goes to City Hall and the clerk writes it down that the piano belongs to the Nazi. It’s an old … Continue reading

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About the Christ-Killers

/ Reality / The thing about the ChristKillers, (so huge it’s easily overlooked), is that they are the majority! Thus whatever they say will (by dint of repetition) become “true”: (that they are the “Christians”, for example). God not speaking … Continue reading

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Received Wisdom of Buddha

/ Cosmology … Theology … Ethics / I’m going to do something silly, something vain: I’m going to argue, to quarrel, rationally (ha ha), with a few familiar tenets of Buddhism. I know better, you know better, come with me … Continue reading

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/ Cosmology … Religion / Eureka! I got it! Finally! AnarChrin! That’s my religion. That’s what I believe: AnarChrism! I’m an AnarChrin. Or AnarChrist. An Anarchist Christian. AnarChrist, the “A”, capitalized: ’cause it’s a religion! I’ve mucked for decades with … Continue reading

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