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pk’s synonym: NoHier: symbolizing pk’s aversion to factitious political hierarchies

Cosby Kick

Teaching / Society / Justice / 2018 04 12 The woman testifies that Cosby raped her, 1992 or some when: says she wants to kick him in the face. I want to kick him in the face: and I’ve been … Continue reading

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Christmas Bankrupt

Decentralization / Deschooling / A series of relatable memories just cascaded me. In high school, 1950s, I heard that the company that had won the contract to construct the UN building on the East River had gone bankrupt before the … Continue reading

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Schooled Movies

/ DeCentral / DeGate / Deschool / Rants Homefront (2013 film) Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth … Well, the cast sounds good. YouTube gives me a sample. Statham is called into the school his daughter attends. She’s … Continue reading

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Bible Law

Reading Notes / Re: Robert Wright, The Evolution of God Jared Diamond, The World Until Yesterday (I’m reading the former, wow; rereading the latter: also wow, very.) Moses gave the Jews Ten Commandments: laws if you will. Jesus gave us … Continue reading

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Fashion Puritan

/ Deschooling / Rants / Steven Johnson’s Wonderland: How Play Made the Modern World just gave me an insight into why the world of the last five decades has refused to acknowledge my FLEX: my offered internet of 1970. FLEX … Continue reading

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Wager With Lucifer

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: Teaching / Social Order … DeCentralization / Deschooling / Keywords information, records, central, God, Lucifer, wager”/> & / Teaching / Society / NoHier / DDD / Modules / Decentralization / Miscellaneous Deschooling … Continue reading

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Inaugural Delegation

/ Social Order / Stupid Women 2017 01 22 “Stupid women!” was my beloved Jan’s response to yesterday’s Women’s Waddle on Washington. Uh oh, what do I dare say? 2017 01 21 So sorry, this post hasn’t been saddled properly. … Continue reading

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