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Power Politics

/ Politics / Politics Interruptus The other night the TV showed a pair of Republican presidential candidates “debating”: Donald Trump and one of the Cubans: Cruz: you can see I barely know one from the other. Kleptocrats: it doesn’t matter: … Continue reading

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Law & Ritual

/ Law / Law uses science. Sometimes, at its convenience. But law is not science. Law is far closer kin to ritual. Understand, law seeks uniformity, consistency, a common denominator (in its scientific sense. Ritual as its base is magic. … Continue reading

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Mug Proof

Here’s a theme that’s been at K. for decades: time to add comments and to coordinate some of the chatter: My girl is worried about her granddaughter, an attractive girl in her early twenties, living in Brooklyn, commuting all around … Continue reading

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FL, Gov Rick Scott draft, 2015 05 24

/ NJ / FL / pk / a couple of drafts and this alert to Governor Rick Scott is still not quite to my liking, stay posted. 2015 05 29 No, I reject this draft entirely. But now I got … Continue reading

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NJ/FL Paula 2015 05 05

Paula, Highlands MVD 540 S Commerce Av Sebring FL 33870-3867 2015 06 05 (-14) Dear Paula. I spoke to you on the phone last September. FL was declining to renew my FL drivers license. There were seeming issues with NJ … Continue reading

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Commerce Scrapbook

/ Civilization / Commerce / Harry’s Cost in Marx 2015 04 05 Surf online you’ll see Harry’s ad: “Should an 8 pack of blades really cost $32?” Who is that addressed to? Who’zit supposed to appeal to? I’m not employed … Continue reading

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Victorian Forever

/ Social Order / Property / … Social Survival / I’ve been commenting on Henry James’ What Maisie Knew over the past couple of weeks. Now my reading of the novel is complete I’ve got to say something not about … Continue reading

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