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FL, Gov Rick Scott draft, 2015 05 24

/ NJ / FL / pk / a couple of drafts and this alert to Governor Rick Scott is still not quite to my liking, stay posted. 2015 05 29 No, I reject this draft entirely. But now I got … Continue reading

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NJ/FL Paula 2015 05 05

Paula, Highlands MVD 540 S Commerce Av Sebring FL 33870-3867 2015 06 05 (-14) Dear Paula. I spoke to you on the phone last September. FL was declining to renew my FL drivers license. There were seeming issues with NJ … Continue reading

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Commerce Scrapbook

/ Civilization / Commerce / Harry’s Cost in Marx 2015 04 05 Surf online you’ll see Harry’s ad: “Should an 8 pack of blades really cost $32?” Who is that addressed to? Who’zit supposed to appeal to? I’m not employed … Continue reading

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Victorian Forever

/ Social Order / Property / … Social Survival / I’ve been commenting on Henry James’ What Maisie Knew over the past couple of weeks. Now my reading of the novel is complete I’ve got to say something not about … Continue reading

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Jihad Chicken

/ Social Order / DoubleDare Chicken The Muslims are pissed, and they ain’t the only ones. How come no one crashed a plane into the WTC (or the Empire State, of the Woolworth Building) a lot sooner? I move a … Continue reading

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Refusing Salvation

Once the Lilliputians tie Gulliver up there will be no way for Gulliver to communicate anything to them they do not want to hear. Once the temples, both Roman and Jewish, sandbag Jesus, then Jesus will have no way of … Continue reading

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Absentee Owners

/ Property / This morning I drank coffee while listening to Jan’s side of a phone call from a neighbor in southern Illinois, Jan still owns a hundred acres or so, with buildings, from when her husband was a professor … Continue reading

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