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Territory, Map, Man

I just wrote, at Macroinformation: Data is the territory; information is the map. Macroinformation is the map digested, and redrawn, and redigested, and redrawn … Years ago I wrote, at K.: The purpose of human society is to crush nature … Continue reading

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Waste Water

Online news article, yesterday: security cameras recorded a guy pissing in the reservoir. So the officials dumped the whole reservoir! Hundreds of millions of gallons! But what else were they to do? Admit to impurity? That’s what’s known as a … Continue reading

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Torture of Animals

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Teaching / Society & Its Pathologies / Social Survival / Little boys are famous to sticking a flaming arrow up the ass of the mutt on the street. I don’t … Continue reading

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Home-grown Christian Combat

And here’s another big sister Beth story — the theme being pk’s perennial theme (or themes, plural) of disfunction, dishonesty, self-deulusion, misrepresentation … failures of society, of family, of religion, of philosophy … of biology. Beth worked hard at school, … Continue reading

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Napoleon’s Chicken

Napoleon worked hard, Napoleon worked late. His mother didn’t say, “Diner is at six: be dressed with your face and hands washed.” Napoleon wasn’t told by the chef when to be ready for the chef’s masterpiece. Dinner wasn’t for the … Continue reading

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