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Mis Moon

Teaching / Society / Science / Easter 2018 04 01 Once upon a time humans watched the night sky. They always had. What species didn’t? What sighted species. But in the case of humans something was different: humans noticed that … Continue reading

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Ex-Post-Facto Facts

/ Teaching / Tools / Reason / Facts / Russell Westbrook is amazing. I don’t like him, he rubs me the wrong way, but he’s amazing: a kamikaze on the basketball court. Game 1 of the 2018 Playoffs the Thunder … Continue reading

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/ Thinking Tools / The School Fallacy I’ve never been a fan of named fallacies: The Pathetic Fallacy, the Ad Hominem Fallacy. I don’t trust fallacies we’re schooled about: but I’m about to jot notes about a common error of … Continue reading

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Truth versus Fact

/ Thinking Tools / Truth A TV viewer emailed an accusation: Texi Thompson, winning the major, had hit her ball from an incorrect position. The officials assessed her four stroked in penalties. Tumple, tumble out of the lead. Back in … Continue reading

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Truth Scrapbook

/ Thinking Tools / Truth / Here it is 2016 10 12 and I’m only just launching a Truth Scrapbook: or I’ve had more than one for decades and forgot where I put them. Fact is, they are and always … Continue reading

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Matching Maps

/ Semiotics / When you read an account of something, by what standards do you appraise its accuracy? God gave Moses his Commandments to pass on to the Jews? Sherman burned his way to Atlanta? Bush won such-and-such a percentage … Continue reading

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Truth Expired

/ Truth / What kind of a shelf life does truth have? What’s its expiration date? At what point can teachers – Saint Peter, Saint Paul – reverse the facts of the story, reverse the meaning? I’m just watching a … Continue reading

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Electric Mist Similitude

/ Movies / 2014 09 17 So many movies are filled with the vilest things, so how come we often love them so much? I just watched In the Electric Mist, with Tommy Lee Jones: hooray, I love it, love … Continue reading

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Lake Poet Pandaemonium

/ Movies / 2014 09 20 This flick imagines Wordsworth, brother and sister, and Coleridge, with wife and child, living and working together to produce the Lyrical Ballads. I knew this material, or at least I used to: love much … Continue reading

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Info Min

/ Information / These days a commercial “home page” like Yahoo features a cartoon face. It’s cleverly drawn, the ambiguities balance tantalizingly: is the face human or alien? Is the skull’s shoreline bestial? Moronic? is it child-friendly, does it belong … Continue reading

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