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Anachronic Adultery

/ Macroinformation / I’m watching Kate Mara play a baroness in Rochester Castle at the time of King John. King John has signed the Magna Carter, (against his own anointed will): now he’s gathered armies to subdue all castles to … Continue reading

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Great Garble

/ Thinking Tools / Information / Jan and I dance at the Legion, music is provided by “karaoke” performers: digital music with live accompaniment: some are just DJs who sing, some are singers who also play an instrument or two: … Continue reading

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Literal Counter Weapon

/ Macroinformation / Existential Sets / AKA: Orthodox Revenge My humor is sure different in my seventies than it was in my twenties, or in my teens; but there are some uniformities. One oddity of pk’s post-Swift-post-Twain noir-ony is wishing … Continue reading

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Is That a Fact?

Epistemology / Cosmo / Theo / & Thinking Tools / Reason If: there’s a God (or god, or gods) Then: how can there be a “fact” until it’s been ratified by the God? Let’s vote on the facts. We have … Continue reading

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Metathesizing Stink

/ Language / Every family has some cute story to tell about their precious child’s adorable mangling of the language. My family told how my cousin would be put on the potty and told to “tinkle.” Soon Pat was saying … Continue reading

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Art as Puzzle

Last night I set up a DVD of No Country for Old Men to introduce that compelling Coen brothers’ film to my darling Jan. She said almost immediately that it wasn’t her kind of movie, I assured her that I … Continue reading

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Redundancy Surfeit

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: & / Personal / Stories / By Age / Broke Writer / The woman at the car agency told me to record “the VIN number” on some form. “The VIN number?” I … Continue reading

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Cosmopolitan Euphemism

Language / A Straight Dope article offers insight on a particular set of political euphemisms. The Soviet-produced Dictionary of the Contemporary Russian Literary Language defines kosmopolit as “a person who does not consider himself as belonging to any nationality.” In … Continue reading

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Christian N

Semiotics / What do words mean? Do they mean what the dictionary says? or what the speaker intends? Or what the listener understands? Do words mean anything reliable at all? Christian: Does “Christian” mean that the subject believes that God … Continue reading

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1, 2, 3 is an order; 3, 2, 1 is an order. 2, 3, 1; 2, 1, 3 … are also orders. Please tell me what order would not be an order. Thinking Tools

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