Designer Identities

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Custom Forensics
Everyday now some Yahoo article chases you into a corner, you can’t duck it, can’t get rid of it. This morning there was one on actors chaning their names from Jewish to WASP: Isador Cohen rechristens himself Sean Dublin. Famous “names” came in a torrent: Joan Crawford, Lauren Bacall. Mixed among the self-ex-Jews were Cockneys: Cary Grant wasn’t always perfectly neurgal WASP. Can we also ink-over our individual-cattle tattoos from Dachau? Would a Third Reich court recognize recognize the designer identities of their Jews?
We all know how the Nazis dehumanized the Jews: what about their fags? or their anarchists? Could Cary Grant have been discarding more than one identity?
I can imagine God punishing the Nazis for dehumanizing the Jews: could there be a God who would punish the Cockney? How? by charging them with sedition?
Once a kleptocracy has endorsed lies about identity, can that klleptocracy prosecute for Justice? Can the ISIS “terrorist” register new fingerprints?

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Grope Log

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The gal reporter gets groped while on the air: she whaps the guy with her mic!

I remember a friend’s mother proudly reporting that she had been groped on a street in Italy, summer of 1957. Apparently a decade had passed since her bottom had last been squeezed in public: she’d though she was losing her appeal. The same friend’s girl, walking that same summer on the street in Spain, became aware that she was being disdained as a whore. Ah, of course: she was wearing a blouse with short sleeves! Shame! Puta!
I myself didn’t become aware of New York City’s public sex life on the subway till I comuted to my army post in the early 1960s. I was acutely aware that ten times more women rubbed their buttocks against the back of my hand when I was in uniform than when I was just in shirt and jeans. Then I began watching guys blitz among the subway cars, bouncing from bottom to bosom. I never did figure out how many of the groped women were pursuing the gropes, how many were avoiding them. Only once did I see a groped girl get livid: try to humiliate the groper (me) with public attention.

I wish we could go back in time and watch Bill Cosby on the subway. Woody Allen. Etc.

One thing is sure: the situations occur in human cities, in human crowds: in a mix of human moralities. Try telling the Italian in a mob of males that the woman coming toward them’s ass is not public property. Of course it is, she’s walking in public! If she does’nt want to be groped she souldn’t be walking on the street. Ditto Spain, ditto New York.

2018 06 14
Germany pays the price of trying to be good as Muslim immigrants gang rape goyim women and childred. “White” “Christian” naiveté is amazing.
Note that the muslims declare that women walking their city are “asking for it”.

What’s the solution? Who says there’s a solution? Everybody kill everybody: there’s the solution.

i’ll be back

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Male Man

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2018 05 03

Yahoo Headline: What It Means to “Dead-Name” a Transgender Person, and Why You Should Stop
What the hell is a transgender person? Is this a question for the man in the street? for Priests? the pope? journalists? How about scientists?
Scientists have defined “male” and “female”: isn’t it time journalists and the public learn what science says on the issue?

Democracy applies where opinion counts. Where things can be addressed rationally, by science, by scientific definition, there’s no room for opinion. The man in the street learns what the scientists say; the man in the street does not revises or overrule what the scientist says.

In astronomy, in physics, there’s no problem. The man in the street doesn’t not presume to correct the science. Ah, but gender is the very thing where everybody thinks they know what’s what: exactly backwards. The above article is illustrated by a picture with two apparent females, both “obviously” female: curvy, attractive. No, sorry: irrelevant. Zoologists do not define female. Female is what’s left over after “male” has been defined: and that is, does the genotype have testes?
Testes? then “he” is male. He’s male before the testes start to pump out testosterone.
Until the testes produce testosterone the genotype will acquire the characteriistics tha man in the street thinks of as female. The male who doesn’t not produce testosterone may look like Marilyn Monroe: hips, boobs, pleasant features … Irrelevant: male!

The White House, the mail house, the Vatican is not competent to identify male or female; once the zoologist finds testes, that genotype has been identified. Psychology is irrelevant. Congregations have no opinion.

more in a min

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Stormy Rule Change

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2018 04 30 Bucky Fuller used to say that the world comes without an instruction manual. By the time we figure a rule out, typically the rule has changed. I suspect that we only notice the rule when the rule is changing.

Stormy Daniels makes one example stand out: when a john fucks a whore, it’s understood that the whore doesn’t thereafter phone the john at home: and improvises, lies, if the wife answers.

It doesn’t matter what the non-disclosure agreement says or how much payoff was involved, the whore doesn’t blab! That’s a major part of what you’re paying the whore for.

The best presentation of all this I’ve ever seen came from Mario Puzo in Fools Die. Gronvelt, the Las Vegas hotel manager, teachers Cully, his protege, about life. Never cheat the whore: or all hell may break loose.

Whore behavior is an interesting study. I remember seeing Japanese woodcuts of samurai visiting the Yoshiware district. The gentlemen, these privileged samurai, wore masks: concealed their faces; but the gentlemen also wore their family crests! Their identity was blazoned all around them. It doesn’t matter that he’s wearing a King Kong mask: that’s Prince Harry!

The getting laid is extracuricular: something for the society to blink at. Don’t tell! All hell may break loose.

What Cully learns reminds me of something else: something very relevant to the Trump age: Not only is Stormy Daniels not supposed to kiss and tell; but the media are not supposed to pass on the tale! Of course it’s Prince Harry: who else would be so radiant? What? are you an idiot? telling us it’s Price Harry!? Shut up and enjoy your society’s hypocrisy.

Civilization is built on lies, on false information. White America doesn’t care what Crazy Horse says from a jail in Dakota; white America cares very much what the Times says, the Washington Post. The important thing is that kleptocrats, those who put Crazy Horse in jail, confine Crazy Horse’s truths to terrioties strictly controlled by the kleptocracy: and the version of history that it wants told. No one is fooled. The whites know they’re landgrabbers, liars, cheats. The coloreds know they’re no better. We all know that if we crucify the Jesus the minute he opens his mouth, then speakers will say only things they hope are agreeable. Marilyn Monroe knows to keekp silent ono the size of JFK’s dick; or how he shot his wad the second she touched him.

editing may be in order

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Word on the Wind

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Stealing from Jesus, Mugging Santa

In 1970 God made it clear to me that he wanted me to offer the internet to the public. The internet, registries available to all, the infrastructure voluntary, had been occuring to me over the 1960s.
uh oh, revision, edition gaffs.

I’ve never seen this message on paper, on parchment, carved on blocks or chiseled on stone. It seemed to be in English: though it’s hardly my business to tell God how to communicate. Actually, I don’t think it was in any human language: or, it was in the human language most suitable for God to nudge pk in: mental English: the language of scholarship, literature, the Bible.

Or was it? Actually now that I think of it, it was in English, perfect scholarly English: the English of Ivan Illich: then literate in eighteen languages: since then, twenty-odd including oriental. Illich wrote Deschooling Society. A printed multiple circulated among his friends out of Cuernavaca. By golly there was even time for some of my own diction to influence his by the time the hard copy hit the market: but first Deschooling Society, three chapters of it, were published in NRB.
Feedback was sparked. A free society has no business compelling attendance: not in church, not in school, neither at a Nazi rally. No: the proper use of digital computers was to develop data bases of resources: and to share them; without comulsion, without control. Build in a feedback system, unsupervised except by the human population, and you’ve created the world’s first free store: free society: at least potentially free.
The system is good, now see wha people do with it.

The part of the human internet was 100% Illich-invented. It jibbed with mine — mine sketched below. It came purely from Illich’s mind (plus a few of his friends: Paul Goodman, Everett Reimer …) And that, obviously came straight from God: closer than the Bible to a divine manuscript: a prescription for freedom, a potential for equality.

I’ll scribble at this till it’s good, or till I’m dead.

What right do I have to talk about God? to repeat or to paraphrase, what God says to me? Same right Moses had, or Adam, or Noah … or Jesus … (or John …)

I’m a “white” guy. What right do white guys have to the messages of the Jews’ desert god?

No one disputes my claim to be white: do they? I’m American. That is, I’m 3/4 German, and 1/4 English/British/Scots. That’s what we mean by white, isn’t it?
Actually though white is one of those terms that doesn’t mean anyting except what people mean by it: and that, since it’s human really doesn’t mean anything very much very reliably at all. Right away we stumple at the Jews’ desert god. Jews don’t quality as white: not according to the racists that I know. Unless we mean American white. Americans mean whatever they mean, and don’t expect any critical close inspection.

When I was in the army and had to fill out forms on candidates for the draft, I was privy to an apaling list of “races” — other than white — went on for pages: most racist single document I’ve ever imagined.

But never mind all that. I’m trying to tell you what language God was speaking in, to Illich, and also to me.

Illich, realize, was a Roman Catholic priest: rank, monisgnor (till the Church defroked him: forbade him to say mass! So was it Catholic English he was transcribing in? Would he have said he was transcribing? No, that’s my claim: a matephor. Dammit, the writing is the inspired international “English” I’ve ever seen: the greatest of all writers.

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Literature as Authority

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Illiterate Authority
2017 03 19

Just watching a doc on a temple-roof full of MSs of the Koran: early texts. Muslims say that Allah dictated the Koran to Mohammed; Christians say that God dictated the Bible to believers, the believers thereby inspired by God (and maybe in other ways too).

Good. Still, I ask: where’s God’s testiony on the matter? Ditto Allah?
(Furthermore, how do we test God’s authority in this — or in any other — matter? How do we know God is telling the truth? How do we know we’re competent to understand? this, or anything?)

If the weatherman tells his audience that it’s 68o in Sebring, and then the weatherman drops dead, it’s no big deal: I can buy a thermometer at Walmart, located it in shade in Sebring, and expect a compatlble reading: 67o, or 71 degrees: thereabouts. And someone needs to remind everyone that a reading for Sebring of 68o F doesn’t mean — and never meant — that it’s 67o F at every point in Sebring, let alone at every hour. Point is: you measure a sample of points, and average them: note what representative of the many locaions.

It’s different whan there’s only one thermometer, or only one weatherman who can read the thermomenter. The weathermen dont have to obey some ritual about data gathering; no, just gather the data, and post it. Offer an explanation if something seems out of whack. You don’d need an expert on Sebring weather with magical access to the universe’s one thermometer. Indeed, if there’s only one expert, you can’t have reason, there’s no science: no one needs to take the concept of “termperature” too seriously.

So: with the Bible, ask God. Or ask Allah.

If there’s no answer, then remove Allah, or God, as a resource: you have no resources: unless you invent a better.

So, what do we make of Mohammed’s Koran? or Moses’, or Peter’s Bible?
Turns out there’s not much of anything we should make much of.

Ah, but what if you want to make a living? What if you want your family’s share of crops … game … and husbandery? Why then you’d better make a sharp guess as to who has the magical secret unconfirmable thermometer: then back whatever they say.

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Mis Moon

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Easter 2018 04 01

Once upon a time humans watched the night sky. They always had. What species didn’t? What sighted species. But in the case of humans something was different: humans noticed that patterns in the sky of moon, of planets were predictable. Gradually our ancestors began to figure that seasons related to which star constellations. We predicted when the game animals would migrate past the entrance to our cave. We hunted, we ate. The sick baby got meat, survived to adulthood: reproduced.

Our ancestors noticed that where the moon appeared in which constellation had something to do with the flowering of edible grains at the river’s edge. We harvested. We hunted, we harvested, we planted.

We mapped! We mapped the heavens. Science was aborning.

But the tree of knowledge was toxic. Mapping the heavens was the natural property of the priests of the animals migrating, of the plants seeding. We began prdicting not only when animals would migrate past the cave but which priests would make the best moon maps. More and more sick babies survived. And more and more which priests would make the best maps had about as much to do with survival as this years World Series has to do with last year’s spring training. Once a bit more nourishment went to the better moon mapper; now 100% of the nutrients are gobbled by the church before baseball is even invented.

Now it’s not who has the better map: it’s whose lies are most bald-faced. Mis Moon Map indeed.

So it happens again and agan: inventing astrology takes brains, takes a willingness to sacrifice: Ruth’s priest will sabotage Dimagio’s priest: Mickey Mantle’s priest will sabotage the Brooklyn priests. Resources will be steered clear of intelligence, of honesty. And we’ll have what we deserved: Mis Moon Maps of zero validity.

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