Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Chat /

K. has grown and grown these couple of decades, grown humongous, the Personal menus must be redesigned.

Chat Introduction

Intro to pk Passions, pk Sports

Music & Art

Sports, Games



K. had an Archive of top pages with an archive of holiday modules. The latter will resurrect here.

pk Trivia

Belly Boy
C Crunch
pk trivia is spread all over, I’ll consolidate via links.

And featuring

the Arts, and more

Favorite Euphemisms, Oxymora …
Motorcycle Scrapbook
Tough Guys
Reading Notes
particularly featuring:
Art Art, Literature, Music, Movies …
SubPage sub-menus
Politics For & Against
Science TED Talks … to pk



revising, holes to fill in, stand by

I have menus for Art, for Lit … for Movies … but any number of poems, movies … artifacts of all kinds get mentioned, celebrated in any of the modules.

K. Personal

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