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Douglas Adams
Antinomian Wilder

Böll’s Balek Scales

Calvinist Causality
George Carlin: and Other Celebrities I Don’t Know
Cinderella Reading
Clavell, Shogun
Comparative Adultery
Cornwell’s Waste of Time

Dose of Dickens
Dickens Scrapbook
Dumas Scrapbook

George Eliot Notes
Ender’s Game
Eye Spy

Gaiman Scrapbook
Gentleman James
Gentleman Jew
Grimm Diction

Happy Ending for Spoiled Poynton
Far From the Madding Hardy
John leCarré
Comedy Is Perishable
Good as Gold
Hunter Scrapbook
Kipling Marketplace
Literature Scrapbook
Love Stories

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My Reading Notes form a separate section.
I should also distinguish / Literature / Family Read-Aloud /.
I also have a Literature section under / Teaching / Scholarship. (Somehow this one outgrew that one.) (Somehow these should be reorganized into one menu.)


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