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2017 02 10 new profile:

  • There are stories that Buddha’s mother died of grief when she realized that her son would give up his princely privileges, abandon his harem, and go sit under a tree.
    The Church imagines Mary grieving over what would become of Jesus once he overturned the money tables at the temple.
    Did any of Jesus’ brethren really understand who or what he was?
    About as many as there were sisters who saw how my FLEX could have replaced compulsory school with a stateless internet.
  • Seems to me that some modicum of honesty is requisite to intelligence.
    If we look in the mirror and see not kleptocrats but Christians, we’re still in the same old trouble.
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    Hi. Paul Knatz here, also known as pk.

    I am a writer. I am a deschooler. With Ivan Illich dead, I am the deschooler. Deschooling opposes coercion, particularly state coercion.

    I’m the Shakespeare scholar who was fired from his college teaching post in violation of a contract. Eleven of twenty-one department members were purged in that war year: 1969. I’d already been dreaming of modemed digital information available via satellite coordination. When Ivan Illich proposed cybernetic social networking to replace the school system, I became his deschooling colleague: he became trustee to my Free Learning Exchange, Inc., 1970: the world’s first (the best I can tell) prototype internet. FLEX could have replaced not only schools, but universities, media, the managed marketplace: and the government! Real democracy is not possible without unfettered, deregulated information.

    Society has made sure that this pacifist has starved ever since. Indeed, the fed has jailed and censored me: violated the Constitution (and Christianity) to (mis-)label me a felon! (Of course the kleptocracy’s self-reification system makes it “true”: by convicting me, torturing me into confession, I become a felon: by their definitions.)

    With public support we could have freed ourselves, maybe learned to survive. Without public support, without private sponsorship, it’s all just another unrealized idea. Heaven, like hell, like earth, is mostly unrealized ideas: beauty unborn, a Christ that never happened; but tried to.

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    1 Response to pk Here

    1. Daria says:

      Interesting ideas and big dreams you have – something I can’t help but admire in people!

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