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This page gets buffeted while remaining incomplete as my conception and execution of my ideas for this blog change.
2011 09 30 I’m beginning to recreate’s Archive of one-time top pages, most of them being autobiographical portraits of pk.

I’ve been writing since I was ten: 1948. Teachers recommended that it be published all along, right through graduate school. But it hasn’t been, exposing another lie society tells itself about itself. We’re government-issue, parroting programming: We’re free, we’re individuals, we’re intelligent, we have a future …
My proposals to network learning resources, in preparation for offering to socially network everything, unlike my fiction, my scholarship, did get published: starting in 1970. My critical history of schools was published in 1971, but by 1972 the institutions I was offering to upgrade (by replacing them) had rallied their defenses. Nothing of mine was published thereafter, joining my earlier writing in oblivion. Time Magazine was excited about my cable TV show listing community resources, but cooled rapidly. (Newsweek said it was thinking of giving FLEX some seed money.) (I assume Time saw that I loved the media no more than I loved the state or its coercive bureaucracies.)
I offered cybernetic record keeping. Nearly two decades later, www was written. Columbia and MIT ignored my internet of 1970, by the late 1980s all the universities were stealing my ideas. My Free Learning Exchange would have replaced licenses with open information: with www, the universities were re-entrenched, with DC, with the Pentagon.

In the early 1990s I put on line: art, DTP: things digital, digitized. In 1995 I launched a personal home page. Soon after my son created to house my personal stuff. gathered my deschooling materials, I then spun them off into featured a Thinking Tools section of my Teaching section. spun off from the Information section of the Thinking Tools. Major stuff: unconsidered by the public, ignored by the universities: like the Temple ignoring its greatest prophets.

By 2006 I had nearly three thousand text files on line: and thousands of graphics files too: drawings, logos, paintings, photos … The federal court censored the whole, destroyed my business and my teaching and my autobiography. The public stood passive: just as it did around Calvary.

Anyway, here’s what was on line of mine in 2006, domains first, then blogs:

IonaArc blog

IonaArc Menu @ pKnatz

InfoAll blog

InfoAll Menu @ pKnatz
(Maybe I’ll put InfoAll blog post links directly into the DeGate / Deschool menu …)

Macroinformation blog

Macroinformation Blog Menu @ pKnatz

Censored, but released from jail, I created other blogs to repost some of my core statements:
pkTools: rebuilt here
InsTic: rebuilt here
pkKlep (links at Kleptocracy)
pkTheo (menu now merged with Cosmology)
pKnatzQuotes (mostly moved to pKnatz Quotes)
CybRev (titles now linked over a range of pK page-menus: mostly DeGate)

pkBowdler had been up before 2006 to house sex stories a female friend didn’t find appropriate for Those stories got censored by another blog (Google creating robots to purge the public mind: details another time). Some of those are now getting back up, but elsewhere, and under a pseudonym.

I wrote a social blog for HSCSeniors. That blog tells a fragment of what happened there.

I started this blog in 2010 but didn’t like how it coded. I’ve made peace with it since, retraining my blog-HTML in creating LineDanceAlliance.

Happy enough with progress there, I now prepare to continue to translate, the best I can, to this blog: starting with two aspects of K.: stories, and Teaching / Society.
I’ll post Kdot first as text only, the pictures will be added once the text is up. Links will get restored in time.

The above blogs will evaporate as posts move here.

Some of the most important K. modules went to blogs first. Some of those were transferred here once I decided that pKnatz blog would recreate the entire set of pk domains.

It occurs to me that posts at IonaArc can stay where they are but be incorporated into the menus here! I think I will. Then they could be moved, or not: the menus would represent a completeness either way.

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