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Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, 1970

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The contents of the blog will initially be linked merely chronologically. Logical sorting will follow.

Illich, Wall, pk
To School Or Not to School
All Information
Gresham’s Law: Beyond Economics
Teacher Speak
Institutional versus Individual Filters
Macro Differences
Medium : Message
Experience versus Theater
Public Coordinations
Mama, Papa, the State … School
Governed Ceilings
School mot
Meretricious Internet
Illich on Cultural Imperialism
School’s Purpose
Institutions PS
Teacher Dependence
Intelligent Design
Health Care: Manipulated Market
Learning Opportunity Networks
History of Schools, Universities
Deschooling Update
Free Learning Exchange
Fundamental Errors
Schooling: pk
Religious Training
Secular Indoctrination: pk’s
Church & State: Kleptocracy’s Binary Monopoly
Learning vs. Education
Public Information
“Education,” Yuck
Training vs. Brainwashing
pk’s Doctoral Orals
Teaching Illusions of Democracy
Anarchists Left & Right
Contempt for the Natural
American Chieftains
Perverjiariazing Jesus’ Internet
pk Stories: HierCon
Rewriting Twain
School’s Arbitrary Authority
Interrupted Orals: Original Version
Secular Protestantism
Illich / Shaw
Free Learning Exchange note
Universities: Cultural Sales Tool
Three Internets
Testing 1, 2, 3
Reasons for School

(K. had a hundreds of Reasons for School modules, only a few yet recreated following my censorship.)

Reverse-Engineering Society’s Reasons for School

Reasons for School section

Generic Institutional Reasons
Schools Clone the Society
The Medium School is the Message
Monopolize, Homogenize
Myth Displaces Experience
R Subvert Independence
Good Reasons
Informational Hysteria
Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Deschooling Posts
Convivial: Freedom From Religion
Kiss & Tell
Deschooling’s 3Ds
lllich Diction: She/Her
InfoAll: DeDeDe
Society, Coercion, DeDe
Ivan Illich Disciples
Misused References
Political Impossibility
Illich 2 + 4
FLEX 2 + 3
Illich Points Commentary
Compulsory Education 1870
Money Tables
Licensed Authority
Bell Curve Teachers
Politics Trumps Scholarship
Politics Trumps Scholarship
HierCon Stories
General DeDe
State Cheats
R Subvert Independence
Help! IBM
Help! Ma Bell
FLEX, Life, & TIME
Teacher Wars
Record Keeping
School Teacher
Research: in a Terrarium

up to date as of 2011 09 18

Now: know that schooling became compulsory in 1840: Germany, then US, then much of the rest of the world.
Ivan Illich published Deschooling Society in 1970.
pk founded The Free Learning Exchange, Inc. in 1970, Ivan Illich a trustee. (Had the public supported it, had the government then not stolen it from the public, we might have pried the government off our backs by now!) (My FLEX was intended as just such a lever: a cheap i-library, a cybernetic human resource data base with non-compulsion, non-regulation, peer matching, and feedback as cornerstones.) mounted 223 modules on deschooling by 2006 (spun-off as when I was arrested, censored, over 4,000 text files (including Illich books) destroyed.

I’m recreating those modules here (the DeCentral / DeGate / Deschool menu), one at a time. Meanwhile, my InfoAll blog also mounted assorted posts on the subject (126 total). I’ll link those here next, then make sure the major K. files are resurrected here, eventually blending all here at pKnatz blog, the new

Social Order

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