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There are three hundred thirty-five posts at IonaArc as of 2011 mid-July. The contents of all pk online writing now belongs here at pKnatz. First I link the title on a menu like this one. When pKnatz menus represent all online pk writing, I’ll move the posts, revising the menu to reflect new locations.

By IonaArc chronology:

From 2005
No Cops in the Cathedral
Black Holes: Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down
Eunuchs for the Harem
Costume Nazi
Stars and Starlets
Segregation I’ve moved here.
Development (Physiology)
Fallible Justice
Iona Arc
Iron Mountain Logic (duplicated here, editing still needed)
pk Symbols (duplicated here, editing still needed)
Jesus (dup’d)
God as Foolable
Cain and Abel
Thirty: Under or Over
Original Sin vs. Enlightenment
Tag Team
Here’s Looking at You, Kid
Sinister Survival
Million Dollar Girlfight
Fuzzy Marble: ’50s versus ’60s
Death … Extinction …
Top Down vs. Bottom Up
Audiences, Time … Reviewers, Critics
Nothing … Change
Coordinating Mechanisms on the Cartoon Sound Track
Just In Time
Florida’s Silver Rain
Bird – Dog: Learning
Stars from the Sky
Sleep Writing
Bowdlerizing pk
(Note: the garbage heap blog never received all originally intended for it)
School Sports
Elegant Math, Mystery Universe
Catholic Priestess?
pk the Painter
I’ll Take Manhattan …
Science & Evidence
The Faith of Churches
Saving Lives
Catch & Release
Steroid Police
Naming Cancers
As Quiet as the Woods
Celestial Trial
The Reincarnation of Sacred Cows
Ray, Monk, Elvis
Cathedral versus Stadium
Reluctant Recycle
Lousy with Stars
Fair Weather Fans
Pretend Words
The Essence of Government
Reason & the Rain Forest
Steroid World
Social Intelligence
Falsification: the Soul of Science
The Blind Swordsman
Fish Resort
Order, Archives
Prediction, Reporting, Results
Cosmology of Pirates
Katrina’s Lake George
Dead Mac
Who’s pk?
Secular / Sacred
For Rent
Politics of Denial
Who Practices? Who Believes?
Nobel Optics
Cell Phones
Michelle Wie
Sesame Sponsorship
Short Honeymoon
The Second Time Around
Swift Enlightenment
Can Evidence Be Destroyed?
pk: American Heretic
US reduces protection of waters, wetlands
Resisting Evil
In the Bushes
Predicting Hurricane Wilma
Vive La France
Bird Flu
Sociologist Major
Dreaming Adam and Eve
Quest for Fire
Finger String

There: that brings us to the end of Oct 2005. It’s satisfying to have this much of a menu up. But it exacerbates the itch I feel for thus far neglecting my deschooling posts, the posts at InfoAll blog, and the hundreds of basic deschooling modules destroyed by the fed after my arrest and censoring. I’ll now try to catch up a bit there, make a little headway.

Semantics, Property
IonaArc Notes

I’m making progress here, I’ll continue. But thus far I’m just listing titles chronologically. At any point I can alphabetize them (by some “key” word). More important will be to get them to one (or more) right pKnatz blog Page menu. Any post may relate to a series of pk categories. Ideally, they’d be linked from all, fully cross-referenced. Minimally they should be in a least one category menu. But it will make sense to do that last, when I move the posts themselves (or decide to leave them in IonaArc) (and be a guest link here).

2012 07 18 I just moved an IonaArc post from 2010 to pKnatz and realize how very many IonaArc posts there are still not linked here. I’m dealing with it as fast as I can.

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