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Short Stories

The Model (a triptych of stories) The First Week
The Second Week
The Third Week
Bucky Fuller
Publishing Woes

The Third Week is in two parts: so my three stories are actually four stories: itself a joke on the arrogance of counting. Thus far I’ve mounted only the first story, the original to The Model.

Synopses of Novels

reverse chronological


Writing Ideas

Primitive Access: fourth novel note

Fiction, honest fiction, unfettered fiction, may be
the most efficient form of truth we have.

I’ve written fiction since age ten. Near thirty I started writing stories for publication. Past forty I began writing novels for publication. None of my “creative” writing has yet been published, though it’s had a word of mouth reputation all along.

At my home page I “published” some myself, censored by the fed, betrayed by my host, I now have to start all over again. Each time I write a word it costs me money: always more expense to speak, always less income for speaking.


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