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For my fifteen month (kangaroo) sentence the fed bounced me among a half dozen jails. Some of these posts tell stories from more than one location.

Palm Beach, Gun Club Road

Everyone should spend a couple of years in jail.
Tayeh, The Little Drummer Girl

Miami FDC

Jesup FSL

St. Lucies County

Tallahassee FDC

Palm Beach Salvation Army Half Way House

Fort Pierce Federal Court

Jail Stories Scrapbook
I also tell a number of favorite jail stories at

I organize the stories by location, the order subjective. For chronology see pk’s Jail Map.

Lots of my regular posts — didactic, personal … — contain jail stories: Argo Fed Yourself fer’instance. Some stories get told more than once, sometimes with minor differences. I’ll try to de-dup and smooth in time.

One great thing about jail: you’re in great company! Jesus! Peter, Paul … Tycho Brahe, Galileo, Auerbach … Gandhi!
Unfortunately none of those I’ve mentioned are physically present, you can’t play hearts with them. Neither is the jail set up so that prisoners can learn much about each other: sometimes we can talk, sometimes listen, but it’s impossible to check on things. The child molester claims to be a real estate tycoon; the philosopher, scientist, visionary … is convicted as a terrorist, a child molester … I met many other prisoners who seemed also to be political prisoners: were many of them, any of them, saints in the sense that I am? I didn’t see it. But as I say, jail is not a good place for facts.

Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories

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