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Artificial, politically imposed, authoritarian hierarchies Versus Conviviality
(people living together like human beings:
Illichian Christianity)
pk personal experiences

Cheaters in charge!

Education isn’t the solution; education is the problem!

First, the worst:

pk’s Interrupted Orals

Chronologically: Grade School:

Baked Goods: Discounted

Junior & High School:

Arbitrary Authority
Jazzbo’s Charity Concert
School Elections
English, Compulsory
Prigogine is Right! (Math footnote)
School Ruler
College Interview


Flaming Injustice
$64,000 Van Doren

All Levels:

Great Teachers
Communications Scrapbook

Army Education:

Army “Intelligence” Test

Grad School:

Emphatic, again: pk’s Interrupted Orals
Big Budget Science
Olympus Ranking
The Horror
Faulkner Class
Dickensian Coincidence
pk’s Ph.D. Orals Scrapbook

Teaching College:

Faculty Meeting Bog
English Department Meeting
Bookstore Committee
Doves Fire
Why Was I Fired?
Colby Stories

The Deschooler (pk Post-Colby):

MLA Meets Americana
more coming

(pk’s school stories had been at, then at, then at InfoAll blog, en-route to here.)
The above posts illustrate specific pk / school encounters; pk’s personal presentation of his religious and secular schooling / indoctrination link from the pk Overview.

Note throughout my HierCon stories that a common thread is resistance to monoculture. Monoculture weeds everything that isn’t a small selection of crops. States, churches … tend to foster monoculture. Universities weed all ideas where they don’t recognize the intellectual patent as theirs in orthodoxy. My university wouldn’t have understood what I was saying even had they tried to listen! Their minds were already dedicated to sterility.

Social Order Hierarchy vs. Conviviality Stories pk School Stories

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