Stories by Age

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Stories / pk Chronological /


thru 1951


thru 1958


thru 1960

Draft Limbo

1961, 1962

Army stories are under Institutional Stories

Grad School

1964 ff.


Many of my teaching period stories got exported as Hiercon / School.


Business: Art Dealer

Multiple Original Graphics Publisher
1974 ff.

Multiple Ages

Broke Writer


In some ways I’ve been old since childhood;
in others I’m still a kid.

Notes from earlier pk chronology menus:
A menu like this could easily mislead the visitor to assume more intentional design to this section than is warranted. The categories used — Kid, College — indicates the time, not necessarily the subject: they are stories from When I was a kid, not necessarily stories about Being a kid.
Stories that are about the theme are in that section: Themes. (And my themes are further subdivided: if they’re about state interference with individuals, they fit my political agenda, and have been moved to NoHier and to DePro: my sections against factitious human political hierarchies and against hierarchical coercion: like schooling.

These are stories from that period. Stories specifically about the army are stored by theme; not chronology: pk’s Army Stories.
Stories about my early thinking on art as complex information from that period are gathered at Macroinformation/Background. Enter through the Macroinformation Entrance.

This section gathers pk stories from my networking period, 1970 to 1974. Stories actually about deschooling / networking / FLEX gather at DePro.
Gack!! Employed!!!

pk Stories Social, Hierarchical
by Age by Theme by Others Institutional Stories

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