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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Personal / Stories / By Age / Teens /

Anti-intellectual Gym
Apprentice Alcoholics
Job Offer
Old Onan
Sophomore Driver

Organization is mainly my problem, not yours, but the logical architecture itself is part of the story, itself a problem, the alternatives significant:

pk’s school stories were told at K.: K. got censored: I recreated them at the InfoAll blog.
But I re-conceived their proper “K.” structure: Rather than at K. / Personal / Story / Theme / School; I see them as belonging at K. (or PKnatz blog) / Teaching / NoHier / DeGate (against factitious politically imposed hierarchy / Deschooling ) /
HierCon (Hierarchy versus Conviviality) / school, church … army stories. The 2009 April menu of pk school stories will open up to the right of the HierCon intro. But keep in mind: church stories, army stories … are in the same class: stories of authority coercively channeling individuals. If you go to the library, where the library is state-run, and the librarian, a bureaucrat not much different from the fat lady at the MVD, acts as though she has a right to block you from the information you want, that she’s doing her job by being in your way, then it’s the same: authority sabotaging community, conviviality: people with a right to help themselves, without state interference.

Lincoln freed the slaves? Bull: he put us firmly under the thumb of the fed: morons all. See Thomas DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln. (I’ll add posts citing it under K. / teaching / society / order : NoHier / history, politics …

Stories by Age by Theme by Others

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