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Bad Taste

I’m moving the “bad taste” note which ended yesterday’s Art as¬†Puzzle piece here as an independent note: I hope people can absorb the remaining points without being disgusted and chased away by the note: thanx independent The model with the … Continue reading

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Art as Puzzle

Last night I set up a DVD of No Country for Old Men to introduce that compelling Coen brothers’ film to my darling Jan. She said almost immediately that it wasn’t her kind of movie, I assured her that I … Continue reading

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Pop Art Walt

Last night Jan and I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Walt Disney’s classic animation. At the end I applauded, she joined me, just the two of us, sitting on the couch. Now I’m pleased to read that the … Continue reading

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Musy Scrapbook

/ Stories / Themes / Musy / “Musy” is pk’s coinage for any collection on the arts in general: music, art, literature … A “monthly” is any scrapbook re-dated to the first of each month. BB Blues 2015 03 02 … Continue reading

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