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Eclipsing Authority

/ Social Order / … Media / I work online: writing here, trying, ever failing, to pass my perceptions on, weathering assaults against me, somehow still breathing, wishing that even one of my offerings had been received. (No: the false … Continue reading

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Mother Knows Best

Knatz.com / Teaching / Social Survival / Evolution / … & Movies / Harold & Maude is one of the cult movies I recently shared with Jan. Reviewing Ruth Gordon’s amazing late-life career was the principal motivation. We already marveled … Continue reading

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Persecution Monopoly

One of the first stories we hear in the West, and damn near anywhere else too, is how God sent Jesus: and the Jews and the Romans ganged up on him: jailed, tortured, murdered him. Most of us who know … Continue reading

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Authority Quotes

Einstein said that life played him a trick, making that champion opponent of authority into an Authority. Today I begin gathering Knatz.com’s many quotes and comments on authority into this file of quotes on the subject. Please distinguish throughout between … Continue reading

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