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Davis, Bible

/ Reading Notes / Davis, Kenneth C. Don’t Know Much About the Bible, 2009 Very good. I’ve been reading at Davis’ About the Bible for a few years now, ever since bk gave me a kindle with several hundred books … Continue reading

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Judgment Bible

Some churches present something they call The Bible as “the inerrant word of God.” Many churches do not. All serious Bible scholars, check out Bart Ehrman’s reports on the subject, know that there is no universal human agreement on what … Continue reading

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Spirit Family

I am forever touting my great teachers, I love my fans who tout me as their great teacher. I wish I had a fan who knew my teachers as well as they know me; I wish other students of my … Continue reading

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Your Church or Mine?

Or: Your Jesus or Mine! I sure am loving Bart Ehrman’s current book, Did Jesus Exist? I’ll quote some here. But go get it, read carefully, memorize: and check back here as this scrapbook develops. Skipped Around Quotes from Ehrman’s … Continue reading

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