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pk Writing Notes

Knatz.com / Personal / Writing / Notes / I wrote fiction, dialogues, satires … for decades before I ever wrote expository prose intended for the public. pk on line is a very different animal from the soap box orator who … Continue reading

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Deschooling Subjects, Rants

/ Deschooling Rants / A – C All the Information Anti-FLEX Aren’t We Wonderful? John-Birching the School Bureaucrats No Censorship They Use Children Coercion Credentials Cuckoo Internet D – F Deschooling: What Is It? Deschooling Rants Scrapbook Deschooling CatchUp Fashion … Continue reading

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FLEX Experience

Submenu FLEX History, Experiences Labor Committee Debate FLEX in Hell’s Kitchen Veteran Illiterate Relative Minor Pete Seeger’s Postcard Deschool Menu

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