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Mistakes for Humanity

Crimes against humanity are committed by the modern kleptocracy that loses the war. Once upon a time the warlord didn’t have to “prove” that bombing you, flaying you … torture, burning … was for your own good. Jared Diamond charts … Continue reading

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In Loco Parentis

A girl posts a candidate’s abortion comments online, she gets stomped by the college etc: http://news.yahoo.com/double-secret-probation-student-threatened-punishment-filming-democratic-051308489.html In Loco Parentis, means in place of the parents, means that the school can send you to your room, no need for a lawyer, … Continue reading

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Not Fair

Bullies Don’t Allow Secession When I was a kid the Bible was ceded to as the authority, I was told that it prescribed marriage while singing praises to marriage. I believed that Jesus did not approve of divorce. That was … Continue reading

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