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Institutions’ Members

Institutions promise one thing but deliver something else. Institutions taylor themselves to the suggestibility of the public: if the church says it’s in touch with God, why then it must be in touch with God, must it not? God must … Continue reading

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pk Difference

/ Institutions / There is a difference between us: in all likelihood there is. That difference is simple, consistent. The average civilized person believes that their institutions do what they’re touted as doing: the post office delivers the mail, the … Continue reading

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Criminal In Perpetuity

/ Institutions … Kleptocracy … Institutional Hubris Every experienced liar knows (and we’re all experienced liars) that the trouble with lies is that you have to try to remember who you told which lie to. It snowballs: soon you go … Continue reading

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Institution Stories, Personal

Critiquing institutions has been my profession since first allying with Ivan Illich in 1970: that was his specialty, I made it mine. I illustrate points by telling stories from personal experience, but in recent years, since my arrest, since Knatz.com … Continue reading

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Institutional SQ

SQ: Survival Quotient Are our institutions stupid? or negligent? (Criminally?) Illiterate? Or just plain dishonest? A people too dishonest to be intelligent will have institutions too unintelligent to be honest. More important: is the public committing suicide? knowingly? Is it … Continue reading

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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: Knatz.com / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Institutions / 2005 12 08, at IonaArc blog Waste ‘Im: Bang, Bang Nature is famous for being wasteful: trillions of seeds for mere millions of … Continue reading

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Secular Institutions

People determined to delude themselves will succeed: in deluding themselves. All their institutions will cooperate. Secular institutions such as government delude us secularly even worse than churches ever deluded us spiritually. Once upon a time the church told us lies … Continue reading

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