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Musician Jokes

/ Personal / Chat / Jokes / 1956, 1957 a college friend seemed to have an endless supply of shaggy dog musician jokes. Guy’s a musician, bass, loves jazz, but is reliable, can read: also likes to eat, which is … Continue reading

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Movie Gags

/ Movies / There are so many great movies. We know many of them in common, and many others, also great, are known but not in common. Everybody saw Chaplin, everybody saw Hitchcock; not everybody saw this film in Swedish, … Continue reading

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Jokes as Myth

Knatz.com / Teaching / Scholarship / Myth / @ K. 1999 02 11 I nominate some jokes as having a mythic dimension: blue prints for truth. Hard Times A Jew in Pinsk falls upon hard times. Nothing improves his lot. … Continue reading

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