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Freud’s Myth

Knatz.com / Teaching / Scholarship / Myth / Freudian Myth / Christian Myth Freud said that the Father owned everything: the territory, the women: both wives, daughters, and slaves. The father kept everything for himself. The brothers want the territory, … Continue reading

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Jokes as Myth

Knatz.com / Teaching / Scholarship / Myth / @ K. 1999 02 11 I nominate some jokes as having a mythic dimension: blue prints for truth. Hard Times A Jew in Pinsk falls upon hard times. Nothing improves his lot. … Continue reading

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Gloss, Myth

Knatz.com / Teaching / Scholarship / Glossary / Definitions, Ironies, Semiotic Whirligigs, Wisecracks … Myth: Can you distinguish between myth in its degenerated modern sense of falsehood — and — myth in its classical sense of cultural truth: truth beyond … Continue reading

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Chichi Knights

Going through my head: Knights in White Satin. I look it up, get a provenance. The Moody Blues. More goddam Englishmen mucking with phenomena they have only a distant connection to, more recrudescences of chichi Pre-Raphaelite bullshit. thanx Sarudy I … Continue reading

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Right Myth

/ Myth / Marshall McLuhan said that some ads tried to trigger the public to buy a product but other ads were designed to tell those who already owned the product that they were right, wise to have bought it. … Continue reading

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Mapping God

We can’t map god; we can only myth God. Science maps things, weights and measures. Weights and measures don’t apply to meta-truth. Humans only partly qualify for meta-truth: which doesn’t stop us from slaughtering whatever we want to control. That’s … Continue reading

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Myth Scrapbook

/ Scholarship / & / Belief / Iseult 2016 06 17 Just browsing around on Catherine Zeta Jones thanx gonetworth Nice body sure; but has there ever been a prettier face? Anyway, I read that Zeta Jones is Welch. Ooo. … Continue reading

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