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K.’s basic distinction between “Personal” and “Teaching” is none too precise: but personal is merely personal: I got up, I had a fried egg … Teaching is public, very broad, relates to the species, the genome … the future. I’m a teacher, almost anything I say has a didactic cast. But don’t expect my teaching to be standard: standard teaching is nearly illiterate in relation to reason, to science …

Thinking Tools
(epistemology, semiotics, reason …)
(Bateson- & Korzybski-rooted)
(and its Pathologies)
divided as Epistemology, Order, Survival
(anything study-based)
(especially school-study-based)

Understand: epistemology is under Thinking Tools; the epistemology under Society is social epistemology! social order! social survival! Whether Galileo should knuckle under to threats of torture is a distinct issue from how his telescope enlarged at planetary distances.

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