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destroyed by fed 2007, resurrection incomplete as of 2014

2016 04 24 Refreshing as a “new” page. Maybe I’ll try again to say a few things about the Sonnets after all. I’ll be back shortly.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets as Meta-Oxymoron
Pairing Epistemological Contradictions: Ideal / Real, Orthodox / Heretical, Realism / Nominalism

I posted Shakespeare’s Sonnets one per post (in Thorpe’s order of 1609): Sonnet Menu. [suspended]
My readings will follow below each sonnet but in their own order: and will require a Readings Menu to indicated the sequence in which my readings will be best understood. Thus, Sonnet 1 will appear first: Sonnet’s 1’s reading may appear at any time, may appear last!

Sonnets Background:

Sonnet Basics
Technical, formal, prosodic
Cultural Background
The Renaissance & its Background

1995 — 2013 Notes

pk’s Personal History with his MetaOxymoron Thesis

pk’s Interrupted Doctoral Orals
academic sabotage: nothing new there

pk Shakespeare Sonnets Key
Abbreviations, etc.

2016 05 14 I suspend the menus and menus of menus till I can complete them, even half way, if ever.

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