Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society

PKnatz blog sub-pages will provide the menus of posts; here I map the whole folder: the second most important division of the most important section: and the most populous:

Society (and its pathologies)

Social Epistemology Social Order Social Survival

Miscellaneous titles

K. distinguishes between pk “teaching” where pk’s position is standard: in basic agreement with universities around the world, and the teaching I subsume under Society and Its Pathologies. In the latter I’m odd man out, fomenting new sects: trying, pretty much failing. Korzybski, Bateson, Fuller, Illich are in evidence.
How I categorize things is partly arbitrary, any module may represent several categories of perception, partly didacic, and, as always with pk, partly humorous: consider for example how I chart Social Epistemology, separated Cosmology, Theology, Religion, God …
It’s didactic, and funny, and a challenge.


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