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Finity, Infinity

Ampurp (Ambiguity of Institutional Purpose)


Kleptocratic Institutions, bureaucracies, have one fundamental purpose:
to entrench privilege.

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Moral Agency
Obverse Ambiguity
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My internet of 1970 was designed to eradicate privilege.

K. had many a module exploring conceivable purposes: for institutions. What’s the real purpose of religion? What’s the real purpose of school? What’s the real purpose of government? the draft? taxes?
Such modules as they get recreated here will be distributed to various categories: Cosmology, Theology … HierCon, Deschooling … Each should get a duplicate link here too.
In time, if I live.

Meantime, some of those modules were recreated at InfoAll, InsTic, IonaArc, and other pk blogs: but now I intend pKnatz blog to absorb and coordinate all. In time, if I live.
(If I’m still at in in 2021, still: don’t assume anything is complete!)

Social Epistemology

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