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pk Quotes on gods, God, & god
gods, God, god Scrapbook
Jesus Scrapbook
Science / Religion
Open / Closed
God as “Map”
Theology / Cosmology
Kingdom of Man
Magic vs. Order
Nix Meta-Messages
The Name of God
Fortune For and Against
Either — Or
Either / Or: First Draft
Who Pulls the Strings?
Companion Intelligences
Judge Not
Puppet in the Sky
Who’s Christian?
(I put a variant of that one here: I’ll merge them.)
Moral Torture
Mark’s Mary
(I think a couple of these may be similar.)
Hide & Seek
Judaism, Christianity, Chrixity
Ehrman’s Bible
God Moves in Mysterious Ways
Headless Horsemen
Episodic Gospels
People’s Bible

I intend these pkTheo posts to merge alphabetically within the sub-menus above as I move the posts. And as of this 2011 07 17 all the titles at pkTheo now lnk here. Next step will be to move the text here and to correct the links, the alphabetize the titles. Then god and theology and cosmological posts will go directly here!

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