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Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Order / Authority /

Introduction, with Scrapbook
Drug Wars
Experience vs. Authority
Inaugural Delegation
Origins of Authority
Resigned Pope
The Truth of Horror
Vain Sabotage
Who Gets the Last Word?

(Posts on the subject of authority have rooted under more than one K. Teaching category. I’ll merge, add, reduce, de-dup … And link or import from several of my other blogs.)


See also DeGate, Deschooling …
pKnatz is thus far still only the faintest shadow of the that got destroyed by the fed. Till all 4,000 text modules, all thousands of graphics are back up, and the modules in at least one page menu, and at least 5% of the common categories listed and crossreferenced, I’ll still have failed to perform what I promised god, God, nature, truth, the cosmos; but of course my failure has been orchestrated, enforced. Evil, stupidity rules. The public cooperates in its own doom, not in its salvation, in a positive evolution.

Social Order

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