Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains:
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Original Kleptocracy Module:

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Those who bought Manhattan Island
   (for $24 no less!
   from Indians no less!)
may now sell the Brooklyn Bridge:
for millions; and billions; and trillions.


George Grosz, Engineer
thanks staticflickr





eating money
thanx globalkleptocracy

Knatz.com posted many a module on kleptocracy. After my censorship, back out of jail but my web tools smashed to smithereens, I struggled to recreate the bulk of them at my blog pkKlep. Now I add a menu of the 43 posts put there over the last few years. Then I’ll move the text and code here. Then I’ll merge all links into a new menu here.


Sutter’s Gold @ IonaArc

The concepts of civilization, government, and kleptocracy are distinct, but in practice, in this world, they overlap. In pk’s writing they are almost synonyms.

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Cop Stories

Social Order

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