Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Order / DeCentral /
(featuring DeSchooling)

Central / DeCentral

I am a pebble in the undertow failing to slow
the deca-millennial tide of state centralization.


2013 08 04 This category is so complex, so unstable in the culture at large that it’s impossible to maintain the logic of the menu over time without gross revision.
I called this category Deschooling, then DeDeDe (for DeRegulate – DeProfessionalize – DeSchool); then DeGate: now DeCentral. Think


No Gatekeeper for (Public) Information

trying to grow a world-that-could-be
in preference to a world-that-(merely)-is.

Centralization is a good idea
but a bad habit.


I have to revise and re-logic all these decentralizing and deschooling menus. But first I should get further along in resurrecting the eclipsed ones:
and the fed should help me:
since they’re the ones responsible for the eclipsing in the first place. In fact they’re the one’s who klepped everything in the first place.


includes sub-areas: schools’ purpose, deschooling philosophers …
pk Online links to a menu of posts at InfoAll blog
essays, rants

Ivan Illich

separate submenu


materials coming


materials coming



Deschoolers don’t sit still for the Church trying to impose masses on everyone. Deschoolers don’t sit still for a school board imposing school on everyone: especialy not when the curriculum of the school board is not supported by the best independent scholarship. School boards are swayed by Creationists long before they understand any part of the gist of Darwin.

DeGate (DeDe) Introduction
DeDe is my abbreviation for the aspects of Ivan illich’s prescription for any kleptocratic society which wishes to become free (and/or Christian):


pk’s writings on the subject were espoused at the Free Learning Exchange, Inc. (1970 ff.), posted at (1995 ff.), then began spinning off to (2005 ff.): where some got posted (and some reposted) at my InfoAll blog.

Some related materials, the idea of cybernetic revolution, went to the CybRev blog.

In essence, deschooling opposes politically imposed coercion.

DeGate Menu

The page menus won’t be done right till all the major menus cross-reference with all others. There are over 3,000 modules to recreate, and link, and cross reference!

In 1970 we called it “deschooling.” Around 2007 I started called it DeDe, to stand for DeRegulate, DeProfessionalize, Deschool … Now I put it under the banner of removing gatekeepers from public information: DeGate. Means lots of little reedits all over the place.

Social Order

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