Deschool Menu

Recreating (and advancing) pk’s censored domains: / Teaching / Society / Social Order / DeCentral /

DeGate DeRegulate DeProfessionalize DeSchool

Ivan Illich, Deschooling Society, 1970

The Book

Fundamental pk deschooling modules:

Free Learning Exchange
You basic Christian-Anarchist Internet, 1970
History of Schools
From Church to University

FLEX Structure the complete seed, 1970 for an anarchist, state-less internet:
unsupervised, anti-licensed

FLEX Documents

fliers, newsletters

Deschooling Subjects, Rants


FLEX Experience


Deschooling Thinkers:

Pre-Illich, Post-Illich

Schools’ Purpose Menu:

Schools’ Purpose
There are a dozen or so modules from K. up at InfoAll, getting moved here:
and dozens more still to be resurrected from K.
and hundreds more never yet drafted, but notes in K. data bases.

Deschooling Quotes:

Central / Decentral

pk’s personal school stories appear at pk School Stories, Menu under HierCon (Hierarchy against Conviviality).

The bulk of pk’s deschooling modules from are not yet restored here, but are so intended. I’ll also try to trim, restructure the menus.

DeCentral Menu

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