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K. published deschooling modules online. I spun them off to, supplementing with an InfoAll blog.
All pk domains got censored, pk jailed. Next I moved materials to the InfoAll blog. Now I’m restructuring the whole, a brick at a time, here at pknatz blog.

in order of posting
Illich, Wall, pk
To School Or Not to School
All Information
Gresham’s Law: Beyond Economics
Teacher Speak
Institutional versus Individual Filters
Macro Differences
Medium : Message
Experience versus Theater
Public Coordinations
Mama, Papa, the State … School
Governed Ceilings
Meretricious Internet
Illich on Cultural Imperialism
School’s Purpose
Institutions PS
Teacher Dependence
Intelligent Design
Health Care: Manipulated Market
Learning Opportunity Networks
Free Learning Exchange
History of Schools
Deschooling Update
Fundamental Errors
Schooling: pk, meditations of a slave
Religious Training, pk bio
Secular Indoctrination, pk bio
Church & State: Kleptocracy’s Binary Monopoly
Learning vs. Education
“Education,” Yuck
Training vs. Brainwashing

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